08 January 2021

Old Meme - New Time

There is an old meme below about the US, before memes were as big as they are now in certain circles.

The northern part of the US and Canada are the United States of Canada and the southern part is Jesusland.

This says so much. This was originally made by those who prefer to be in the red, northern part of the map above. (How unjust is it that Jesus is treated like a shunned man? It reminds me of something...)

The enlightened U.S. Canadians believe that Jesus lovers are freaks, rubes, and backward. In reality it is the reverse. It is the north that want us to progress backward to the time of oligarchs, dependency, and decay (sort of like in Russia, come to think of it).

What I now see on the map above is the Church of Rome and Constantinople on a mission to the hordes of the barbarian North.

(BTW, most of these map memes of Jesusland have PA in the north. This is one of the few that doesn't.)

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