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I just started posting today 4 December 2020 due to Creative Minority Report blog suggesting that Christians bypass social media to get our conservative/Christian views out.

Previous about info:

Starting in January 2014, Wondering Zygote Emeritus blog (WZE) had a new focus.

Bridging the gap between Pop Culture and Christianity through movies, TV, music, memes, etc.
Many people have a hard time considering Christianity for various reasons. By connecting to pop-culture (movies/TV/music/memes/etc.), such people can facilitate their understanding of Christianity.

Inspired by (1) Fr. Robert Barron (Main Page / YouTube), (2) Alfonzo Rachel (Main Page / YouTube), and (3) Geek Priest Fr. Roderick Vonhögen (Main Page / YouTube), bridging the gap between pop-culture (movies/TV/music/memes/etc.) and Christianity will be the main focus of WZE.

Posts will be published 5-6 days a week with Sunday off.

For your information, I will assume that readers know a fairly good amount about the topics I discuss (Star Trek movies and The Big Bang Theory TV show). Also, I plan to write short posts and will cover only one or two topics at once.

I look forward to reading your thoughts, too, and look forward to conversing texturally with you in the comboxes of this blog and/or your blog/media.

If you would like to guest-blog about a favorite song, movie, or other cultural icon, please leave your email below. If you would like me to guest-blog on your blog or other media, let me know by leaving your email below.

Thanks and God bless you and yours.

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  1. I've been away for quite a long time. When I wandered back, I found WZE to still be an oasis of kindness, patience, and acceptance. Thank you.


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