19 January 2021

Ihr Kampf of the Left

The left, the legacy media, and big tech all in concert wish half the country into the cornfield.

It reminds me of Keith Olbermann's rant again. It's so telling!

[Trump] and his enablers and his supporters and his collaborators and the Mike Lees and the William Bars and the Sean Hannitys and the Mike Pences and the Rudy Giulianis and the Kyle Rittenhouses and the Amy Coney Barretts must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society while we try to rebuild it and to rebuild the world Trump has nearly destroyed by turning it over to a virus. Remember it even as we dream of a return to reality and safety and the country for which our Forefathers died that the fight is not just to win an election but to win it by enough to chase at least for a moment Trump and the Maggots off the stage and then try to clean up what they left. [Maggots = MAGA supporters]

They so want people to the right of them to go away to another country or jail. For what? For not going against the current dully-elected President of the United Sates.

They want unity in the 1930 German and the Mohammedan sense: peace through subjugation and seclusion. This will not bring about unity.

As Ben Shapiro said on Jan. 18 (at 27:58),

And then people wonder why the country is so divided. The country is so divided because you have one half of the country that would like to excise the other half of the country. That does tend to create a few divisions.

The left has been struggling (Ihr Kampf = their struggle) for this outcome since Marx was writing poetry.

Mr. D'Souza on Olbermann and 1930 Germany:
"Keith Olbermann’s Latest Rant Against Trump Uses Language From Germany in the 1930s"

18 January 2021

Inverting Martin Luther King's Message

What would it sound like to invert Martin Luther King's message? To judge people by their skin color and not their character, right? Well, that's what the Marxist Left wants the world to do with the Marxist Frankfurt School's Critical Race Theory (CRT; no not an old-school clunky monitor, silly).

One of the many things I've been wondering about for a long while now is the double standard between the violence on the left and right. Violent rioting by Black Lives Matter, Inc. (BLM) and Antifa is given a pass, along with the left who excuses them, while rioting by the right at the US Capitol building on 1/6/2021, which is condemned by almost all of the Right (including myself), is an excuse to lump all of the Right into brutes who must be cancelled off the internet, fired from their jobs, and excluded by polite society.

Well, last week, Mrs. Stuckey provided an answer with an interview with, of all people, a person with a PhD in math, Dr. James Lindsay.

CRT posits that all white people are racist no matter what. There is nothing at all white people can do about it except grovel and give people of color everything they want, especially leftist policies (never right policies like school choice).

The interview might be the most important political video of the decade since it explains why we are so divided. It is positive, or willful, division. This is unlike Marx and Hegel's contention that the dialectic between groups naturally cause this division.

If you're unfamiliar with much of the CRT vocabulary, Mrs. Stuckey has a great video on it below.

Dr. King would not be happy with this inversion.

12 January 2021

The Olbermann Left

The Left and/or Never-Trumpers have called for the impeachment and/or incarceration of President Trump for his alleged incitement of a riot on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C on January 6, 2021. They have gone the way of Keith Olbermann. Last year, around the time Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court (Sept.-Oct. 2020), he said


[Trump] and his enablers and his supporters and his collaborators and the Mike Lees and the William Bars and the Sean Hannitys and the Mike Pences and the Rudy Giulianis and the Kyle Rittenhouses and the Amy Coney Barretts must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society while we try to rebuild it and to rebuild the world Trump has nearly destroyed by turning it over to a virus. Remember it even as we dream of a return to reality and safety and the country for which our Forefathers died that the fight is not just to win an election but to win it by enough to chase at least for a moment Trump and the Maggots off the stage and then try to clean up what they left.

(This led to a petition on change dot org against Olbermann for inciting violence here.)

Mr. Olbermann de-personified Trump enablers (Maggots = MAGA supporters), among whom I count myself since I think Trump is better than any radical Democratic candidate. He called for the arbitrary arrest of approximately half of the U.S. voting population. (Hello, Marxist countries!)

Tech giants Google (Alphabet), Facebook, Apple, and Amazon have already placed into virtual jail Parler, the neutral/libertarian alternative to Leftist Twitter. Twitter and Facebook both banned Trump from their platforms. Financial institutions have banned anything associated with Trump.

And for what?

According to the House Resolution for Trump’s second impeachment, the President incited the violence at the Capitol building on Jan. 6. However, at the rally, Trump explicitly said that everyone should “peacefully” protest. He said that he won the 2020 presidential race by a landslide; the protest was titled “Stop the Steal.” This does not in itself incite violence. The GA Governor was supposedly told to commit fraud and was threatened by the president. This did not incite violence on the capitol. Telling the protestors to “march on the capitol” and “fight” is general political speech that is well known to mean to stand up for your rights and protest along with persuading peacefully.

Further, Trump’s tweets were not incendiary. Calling people patriots and asking them to fight for their rights is not inciting violence.

What it really comes down to is that the protestors are responsible for their actions. Many protestors attempted to stop the destruction and vandalism of the Capitol by other protestors (or Antifa?).

Pres. Trump not being responsible for the violent protestors is similar to not holding Al Sharpton, Pres. Obama, or Bernie Sanders responsible for the action of their violent/riotous supporters.

In 1995, Al Sharpton was accused of starting a riot against Jews.

During Obama’s reign, he was accused of inspiring BLM protestors to shoot police for being police.

Bernie Sanders was accused of inspiring a Leftist to shoot Republicans at a congressional baseball game for taking away healthcare from the elderly. (ht Ben Shapiro at the Daily Wire:
24:47 Sanders incited violence against Republicans.
25:26 Obama incited violence against cops
26:21 Sharpton incited violence against Jews.)

However, Sharpton, Obama, and Sanders are still outstanding examples of citizenry to Big Tech and the Left. Their speech was not construed out of context to be inciting violence. They were not banned
from society and threatened to be jailed as Olbermann demanded of Trump.

What it comes down to is the double standard that is applied to the Left, Right, and those that support either side. Social Media and the Legacy Media have made the double standard worse by withholding information that negatively effects the Left and exaggerating the information that negatively effects the Right and Trump. Plus, dividing and raising the temperature of political discourse helps their bottom line to the detriment of the entire country they have a responsibility to serve.

I pray that the cancel culture, unhinged rhetoric, and biased interpretation of the Left and/or Never-Trumpers are deescalated so that more widespread violence is not inspired, if not cause a Civil War. China and Russia would be pleased if that happened.


(More left-inspired violence by left politicians.)

08 January 2021

Old Meme - New Time

There is an old meme below about the US, before memes were as big as they are now in certain circles.

The northern part of the US and Canada are the United States of Canada and the southern part is Jesusland.

This says so much. This was originally made by those who prefer to be in the red, northern part of the map above. (How unjust is it that Jesus is treated like a shunned man? It reminds me of something...)

The enlightened U.S. Canadians believe that Jesus lovers are freaks, rubes, and backward. In reality it is the reverse. It is the north that want us to progress backward to the time of oligarchs, dependency, and decay (sort of like in Russia, come to think of it).

What I now see on the map above is the Church of Rome and Constantinople on a mission to the hordes of the barbarian North.

(BTW, most of these map memes of Jesusland have PA in the north. This is one of the few that doesn't.)

07 January 2021

My Wife Versus the Current Dark Age

What signifies a dark age? An age in which the barbarians overrun a civilization. We are now suffering in such an age in the West. I believe historians will not label our epoch as the information age or space age; this is the real Dark Age.

We have abandoned our Western heritage for Sartreland. We no longer look outside ourselves for Truth that saves but look inward for our little truth that decays, withers, and dies.

My wife has taken this on with most of her time. She is a classical school teacher. Truth, beauty, and goodness through Jesus and His Church are her weapons against the barbarians.

Please consider enrolling in an online classical school or in-person classical school for this or next year. You can join my wife in saving the West.

06 January 2021

Black Lives Matter Inc. Opinions

Opinions of Three Black Men Who Are Honest about the Official BLM Organization

FYI: I wrote this post elsewhere in June 2020.

The partial-transcripts of their opinions are below and at 

(1) George Floyd Was Murdered - An Honest Perspective [by Zuby]
(2) 'Black Lives Matter' Is Not Helping Blacks [by Derryck Green]
(3) Why I don't support # BlackLivesMatter [by Eric D July]

**Partial Transcripts:
Opinions of Three Black Men Who Are Honest about the Official BLM Organization
(1) George Floyd Was Murdered - An Honest Perspective [by Zuby]
2:00 George Floyd was murdered. There is no excuse.
2:30 Zuby does not have BLM/anti-police sentiment (not activist).
2:40 He is critical of BLM because they are silent on the 99% of black people who are killed in US.
4:49 If the optics do not line-up with BLM's narrative (white on black violence/bl on bl violence), BLM ignores.
3:07 Of course he is in agreement with the "black lives matter" sentiment (as well as "all lives matter"). Almost everyone agrees with that.
3:15 He believes in womb to the tomb, human lives matter. It doesn't matter if man, woman, baby, unborn baby, adult, orange, yellow, white.
3:43 He believes all humans have inherent value.
3:46 He doesn't get caught-up in race bating.
3:51 He is also not hyper-emotional.
3:57 Nearly all contentious cases are not clear, there are other circumstances going on (4:13).
4:15 However, in this situation, Mr. Floyd was hand-cuffed and neutralized.
4:27 There is no self-defense here.
4:38 This could have happened to a white man, Asian man, white woman, black woman. It wouldn't matter.
4:47 People are getting bogged-down in "bull crap" like they always do, and it gets so tiresome.
4:51 This is why he made the video.
5:00 People who try to defend this police officer sound like clowns.
5:27 Even if Mr. Floyd was casing people with a chainsaw, this is still murder.
5:33 It would still be a massive error by the police involved.
5:46 In this circumstance, after subduing Mr. Floyd, there is no reason to kill him. There is no excuse.
6:12 It's extremely rare to have a video of police killing suspects in cold-blood like here.
6:31 The officer knew what he was doing.
7:33 Four other officers, including Latino [Asian?], were present and did nothing.
7:42 This is evidence that this this is not a black and white thing.
8:05 Only about 1% of police officers would do this. But what about those standing around?
8:30 This act was evil since he didn't need to kill him. Sometimes killing/harming is justified, but not here.
9:30 People are trying to make this a left-right thing.
10:40 Police violence in Minneapolis was also against white woman.
10:49 "When you have principles, race becomes a non-issue. That becomes a distraction."
11:09 Issue is not right-left, black-white.
12:00 Worse case of police violence was against white male in a hotel. The police defendant in case got off scot-free and got a payout for it.
12:15 Zuby is not social justice warrior (SJW). He believes in justice. Just justice.
12:25 Nobody is above the law. Citizen or police.
12:35 We can't afford to have bad apples in the police force.
12:50 They have a badge and a gun.
13:30 They have the authority to kill people legally in many cases.
14:15 There's nothing that can justify Mr. Floyd's killing. Even if he was a moment before chasing someone with a chainsaw.
(2) 'Black Lives Matter' Is Not Helping Blacks [by Derryck Green]
0:25 Derryck Green has done extensive research on the civil rights movement, black power movement, and BLM.
0:55 He believes police brutality is an issue.
1:15 People should rightly protest about police officer's actions that killed Mr. Floyd.
1:20 There are a lot more "pressing issues" that should be "prioritized above" the issue of police brutality if we are serious about changing the way black communities are lived in the country currently.
1:35 This does not trivialize George Floyd's death.
1:43 Justice should be rightly meted-out.
1:48 There are so many other issues that impact black families and black lives.
2:05 (Will Witt) If BLM really cared about black lives, BLM should focus on those issues that really effect black lives daily.
2:25 (Green) BLM is primarily focused on police brutality.
2:28 The numbers of unarmed blacks killed by police each year is almost a statistical zero. This is not to trivialize the lives that were lost (2:38). They should be put in proper context.
2:53 One of the issues that should be prominent is black marriage rates. Black marriage rates are under thirty percent. (Whites are ~50%.)
3:05 Black parents having kids in marriage would improve black lives.
3:09 Another issue is education.
3:45 Increasing minimum wage hurts black lives. (Prices out of market.)
4:25 Reducing government to help blacks thrive.
4:44 White Antifa members support BLM destroy black businesses.
5:20 Antifa are social opportunists.
5:25 BLM had an obligation to shut down Antifa/riots that hurt black lives and businesses.
5:40 Riots turn people away who would normally listen to your cause/pleas for justice.
6:15 It costs a lot of money to set up in city areas. Who would want to come to cities knowing it’s a tinderbox ready to explode.
6:43 BLM not shutting Antifa down in the beginning of the riots/violence eliminated BLM moral authority.
7:40 The left frames the parameters of the debate. They force you to operate within those parameters, and if you don't, you are evil and not with them.
8:10 The left and right were in agreement that the death of Mr. Floyd was a travesty and the officers should be fired and arrested.
8:15 It wasn't enough. Rioting was not the answer.
8:25 One way to help black lives is not to riot. Many people who live in those communities work in those communities where businesses were destroyed.
8:44 But businesses will come back (like Covid). We don't know that, esp. after extended periods of time.
9:30 BLM is a movement to use white guilt and black rage to achieve their aims.
9:40 Affirmative action is absolutely racist.
10:00 White people kneeling to black people is racist in itself.
10:09 Going back on blacks integrating into society. It's almost segregation again.
10:29 Affirmative action and BLM won't end because they are ready-made vehicles that white people can support to disprove their racism in advance, however counter-productive they are.
11:00 Without coerced gov't intervention you would not be successful.
11:15 Handouts are at the expense of black development it stifles black flourishing.
11:22 Also has stigma of lower standards. Never be rest assured what accomplished were on own merits.
11:32 BLM same way. Kneeling is patronizing: we can't deal with a black person like a regular human being.
11:45 We don't think their emotionally mature enough to deal with life separately and distinct from race. Not that we should ignore it. We have to show we're not racist.
12:00 It's like patting them on the head. That's offensive.
12:20 White groveling doesn't solve the problem; it shows weakness.
12:33 White guilt is the leverage to black power.
12:55 We should treat blacks as equals.
13:25 Treat blacks as equals and peers, not children.
13:32 (Witt) We live in the generation of virtue signaling.
14:15 (Green) White guilt/privilege thrust upon whites, and if left unchecked it would expand white supremacy.
14:40 Social media is substitute for real activism. A black square means absolutely nothing.
15:19 Original civil rights leaders marched to help US live up to ideals of Dec. of Ind.
15:38 Advocate for better schools instead of social media virtue signaling.
15:55 Advocate for blacks to get married and stay married?
16:03 It's very difficult work.
16:22 (Witt) Don't blame people putting up black squares.
16:55 (Green) Differences between civil rights movement (MLK/non-violence) and black power movements (black panthers).
17:50 Civil rights movement believed US just didn't live up to ideals of Dec. of Ind.
18:28 Civil rights movement born and thrived in black churches.
18:48 Black power movements wanted separatism. (18:57 black nationalism)
19:50 Black power movements coopted by white left.
19:58 Black fists.
20:53 BLM won't convince anyone who already doesn't have their ideological presuppositions.
22:30 What happens to conservative blacks (or blacks not on the left) when they speak-out.
23:00 There is strength in numbers. More conservatives (or blacks not on the left) speaking out will help black lives.
23:50 More white conservatives (or whites not on the left) should speak out to help black lives.
24:55 Rejecting BLM as a movement is not rejecting the idea that black lives matter.
(3) Why I don't support # BlackLivesMatter [by Eric D July]
3:14 Solutions should also be good for freedom purposes.
4:30 Black lives matter to who?
6:30 Be self-reliant.
8:00 Woke police, not demolish them is goal.
9:15 BLM corporate movement.
9:40 BLM: Please stop beating us but also include us.
11:15 BLM very leftist movement.
11:30 Eric's not like Candace, but don't hate her.
12:00 POC, what is that?
12:45 LGBT thing. Not hating on them, though.
12:55 BLM started with LGBT thing.
13:00 It's a leadership problem.
13:15 Eric doesn't want your civil rights laws or pity.
13:22 "This whole movement is about white folk feeling as if black men and black women’s world can't move unless they move it for them. Let's just keep it real."
13:40 It would be one thing if they [BLM] said to keep the hell out of our way.
14:05 Self-loathing whites helping out blacks.
14:30 Human beings are human beings and there will always be disparities.
14:40 Not interested in evening the odds [in outcome percentages].
14:55 Putting more black cops and politicians is not the solution.
15:48 Worried about what is right or wrong.
16:25 There is a problem in black communities. Cultural problem. Pains them to address issues.
17:40 Welfare status
17:55 Baby mommas
15:45 Marriage direct link to positive outcomes.
19:20 Drug problems
19:40 Prison assumptions offensive
20:50 Raised by mother
21:20 Mother taught him that her situation was not preferable as single mother
21:50 It's ok to acknowledge the preference even when it's not present
21:55 People that terrorize their community are bad people. (He was a bad person at one time too.)
23:30 Tale of when first called unblack when said didn't want handouts.
23:40 Kill and be bad person is what it is to be black, but if don't want handouts, not black.
23:50 Addressing cultural problems require responsibility.
24:15 "I'm the victim" (despite the experience of black immigrants).
24:39 Legacy of slavery? Like come on dog. No.
25:47 This is white supremacy.
26:50 Get black people armed and trained.
27:40 Privatizing police or community police.
28:35 More woke police?
29:15 Why ignoring statism and focusing on racism instead of having self-ownership.
29:35 "Holding signs rioting is not about to save them 'cause you must of forgot that that's the power you gave them."
29:45 Stockholm syndrome.
30:00 "obedient"
30:25 Eric's against the state.

05 January 2021

Love(1) Is Not Love(2)

I grew up in a town northeast of a big city named Adelphia. The city's name means "City of Love." Never heard of it? It's in the U.S.

Of course, the real name is Philadelphia which means "City of Brotherly Love."

But I heard that "Love is Love." I wonder how can this be true?

Are all these loves equivalent?

  • Sister/Brother
  • Mother/Son
  • Father/Daughter
  • Dog/Dog owner
  • Gamer/Mindcraft 
  • Husband/Wife

The Greeks had at least four words for love that can be found in the book The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis.

They are (according to Wikipedia)

Storge – empathy bond
Philia – friend bond
Eros – romantic love
Agape – unconditional "God" love

or (affection - friendship - eros - charity)

Eros can also be a desirous love for chocolate or video games.

Lets put the letters of the loves next to the list above. Storge = S; Philia = P; etc.

  • Sister/Brother S/P/A
  • Mother/Son S/A
  • Father/Daughter S/A
  • Dog/Dog owner S/P
  • Gamer/Mindcraft E
  • Husband/Wife S/P/E/A

The above listing may be debatable, but it can be seen that love is not love in all cases. Husband/Wife love is the ultimate love (includes all four) that has the potential to create new humans that can love.

May we always cringe whenever we read "Love is Love." It's not.

04 January 2021

Answering Hitchens's Impossible Question

Let's start the year with a religious post and attempt to address the late Christopher Hitchens's "impossible question."

The question is, "I challenge you to find one good or noble thing which cannot be accomplished without religion." Or name something good a believer can do that an Atheist cannot.

I found two answers by Christians on YouTube here and here. There is one by W. L. Craig on the internet somewhere.

Years ago, I read Prof. Dawkins's The God Delusion where he suggested that we create a believing machine to get around the obvious answer to this question: only believers can believe in God, only believers can love God with all their heart, soul, and strength. According to Dawkins, the machine could believe in God for us so we can go about our business. Prof. Dawkins also derided parents who taught their impressionable children about any religion, especially Christianity with its belief in hell: it is on par with physical child abuse.

From this alone, I can report that no Atheist, or non-theist could believe or teach positively about the Judeo-Christian God, the only living and true God.

But is this good?

I'm part of a non-denominational Habitat-for-Humanity-like apostolate called Good Works in a poor part of PA. At the beginning of the work day, we have a small talk that comes from the Bible and ask for prayer requests. We then pray together with the home owner before we work at the worksite. If someone is not Christian, they can come to the work site after this. From my observation, the Christians show up more often than the non-Christians to work on the houses.

St. Mother Theresa of Calcutta always made it a priority to pray and attend mass before helping the poorest of the poor, to take scheduled breaks for this throughout the day. I'm not Mother Theresa, but it says something that belief in God motivates more consistent and harder work for the poor who are Jesus in disguise (Matthew 25: 31-46).

However, this does not actually address the most important action: loving God Himself. Love requires action. We do this by receiving Jesus bodily into ourselves in the sacrament of Communion and being forgiven in the sacrament of Reconciliation. No non-theist would ever do this in Truth, only mock and/or invert it.

I wonder why debaters against Hitchens didn't say this type of answer every time? Where they afraid that Hitchens would shoot them down? Could it perhaps be that most were Protestant, who believe in sola fides? Love requires more than faith; it requires works, some only Christians can do.