10 February 2021

CCP Virus Test Inquisition

I've been having a debate online elsewhere about the use of PCR tests to diagnose the CCP virus in the field, as opposed to the use of PCR tests in a controlled laboratory environment. (CCP = Chinese Communist Party)

It seems like I've turned into an Inquisitor against the PCR tests for the CCP virus. It's almost as if I understand what the Inquisition was doing with Galileo.

Galileo just couldn't scientifically show that heliocentrism was the correct view.

It's the same with the PCR tests for the CCP virus in that there is no scientific evidence (double blind studies/comparative trials) that it is accurate as intended in the field.

All this comes on the back of these videos by Dr. Sam Bailey of New Zealand.

"The Truth About PCR Tests"

"Covid-19: Behind the PCR Curtain"

From the first video, 12: 33 (corman drosten paper, "Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by real-time RT-PCR") "[The only peer-reviewed paper on the use of PCR test for clinical use in the field for CCP virus diagnosis] never established how it should be applied in clinical use and this is one of the many reasons why a consortium of scientists have requested its retraction it is also unsound medical practice to claim that covid 19 is diagnosed by a pcr test and that the definition of covid 19 is a positive pcr test."

From the second, 8: 02 "It's important that those of us that respect logic and the scientific method will not allow analytical specificity to be merged into diagnostic specificity and then passed off as a valid medical practice; however, the lack of formalized clinical diagnostic criteria for covid 19 seemed to allow the sleight of hand to be hidden in plain sight."

This is a big deal since the official CCP virus numbers may be, to put it mildly, astronomically off from the real CCP virus numbers which would make all of the lockdowns, closings, and mental & physical health problems the fault of doctors and scientists who should know better. It opens the door to conspiracy theories galore as to why this destruction of lives through false testing and its results were allowed to happen.

(FYI: counterfactuals "New Zealand doctor makes misleading claims about the country’s PCR testing regime in widely shared YouTube video" (FACTCHECK dot AFP dot COM) "Experts slam Christchurch doctor's claims Covid-19 tests are unreliable" (STUFF dot CO dot NZ) "COVID-19: Who fact-checks the fact-checkers?")

08 February 2021

Trouble with Bernies

The Bernie meme was an interesting phenomenon. My favorite one was very telling. It was Bernie as a tribble, as in Star Trek's TOS episode Trouble with Tribbles.

I watched it again last night to catch-up my memory on the story line.
Tribbles seem like cute and cuddly animals that make a pleasant purring sound. However, they have a secret. Let them have a little food, and they multiply ten fold.
In the episode, the Enterprise with Capt. Kirk was to guard grain at a space station from Klingons since it was to be used to feed a Federation outpost near the Klingon border.
Unfortunately for the station and Kirk, the grain compartment had air vents that allowed the small tribbles to get into the grain compartment.
The Bernie-as-Tribbles meme shows that Bernie and the (Democratic) Socialists (DSA) will sneak into a hole and eat resources from within. They have taken-up camp in the Democratic Party (DNC) and have taken over its resources. They could take over our country and eat our resources like they did in Venezuela. Then very little to nothing will be left for the rest of us. The DSA members will eat the grain that capitalism provided and give the rest of the country the scraps, like it always ends up happening. Socialism will then leave the country in ruins after capitalism is eaten through.

02 February 2021

Gender Theories Purposefully Cancel Christians

Another one bites the dust over transgenderism. Daily wire had an article entitledChristian Organization Suspended From Twitter After Calling Dr. Rachel Levine ‘A Man Who Believes He Is A Woman.’

I still believe that the powers-that-be are using this issue and LGBTQ+ promotion to cancel Christians, especially Catholics. It divides Christians to the nth degree. It seems like compassion to accept and tolerate (tolerance in the old sense) this disorder, but it's not loving per 1 Corr. 13: 6. "Love does not rejoice over wrongdoing but rejoices with the Truth."

Once we're out of the way, the utopia may commence.

29 January 2021

Pro-Abortion Buffer Zones

Today is the online March for Life. Some have said that it was a cop-out to not march in D.C. I don't know about that since D.C. is mostly a police zone now.

But why is it a police zone? Because a very few (representative?) Trump supporters caused violence and mayhem at the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6.

I can't help but see the parallels with the pro-life movement. Extremely very few (representative?) pro-life demonstrators killed abortion doctors. Because of this, countless state/local jurisdictions created buffer zone laws around abortion killing centers to keep mostly peaceful pro-life protestors away.

Recently, some pro-abortion protestors demonstrated in the building of a Catholic Mass. Will there be laws that curb this intimidation for this one offence? Will there be pro-abortion buffer zones? Perhaps because they didn't kill anyone it won't happen.
It's not very fair, but as I always tell myself and my children, life isn't fair. That's what the particular and final judgments are for.

26 January 2021

Gender Fluid Children's Book Warning

So, my youngest came home with a Magnus Chase book. The one with the Gods of Asgard (not leaving a link). She's been reading the other mythology books by Rick Riordan. They weren't weird. (I always ask if they're weird just in case we need to talk about it; yes, I need to do better).

Well, I didn't notice that this particular new one with the Gods of Asgard won the Stonewall Book Award. Yes, that's what it's called. The "Stonewall" award. It's "for exceptional merit relating to the GLBT experience." It's from the American Library Association.

Thank goodness my wife looked up the book online. I didn't notice the award glaring on the back of the book. There's a major character who explores/questions his/her gender identity in the book. And my eleven-year-old was going to read it. Got to be more careful.
Being from the American Library Association itself gives me chills since every library is now a minefield for my children. Well, I should have known with the drag queen story hour and such in so many libraries. (I stood in the childrens' section in the Boston Public Library with my children where the abomination started. I probably shouldn't have taken a picture of the big chair near the window where the drag queens read. It was just a tourist attraction as much as any other Boston landmark.)

I should've known that Rick Riordan was going to go full gender confused on the kids. He works for Disney/Hyperion.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture Part III

 I just finished the Star Trek novel The Lost Years.

It's about the Enterprise crew's time between the end of the original series (ST:TOS) and the first movie.

Since it was a while since I watched Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I watched it again.

In 2014, I wrote two blog posts about the movie.

The posts came down to the longing for God along the Augustinian line (no rest for my soul until it rests in Thee, God) and baptism.

Upon re-watching the movie, it actually seems more like the sacrament of the Eucharist.

V'ger wants to touch the creator, who is human.

In reality, we touch and become one in a real, physical way with the One True God through Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. Jesus, the second person of the Trinity physically joins with us in a real and spiritual sense, since he is truly and substantially present in the form of bread and wine that enters our body. He joins with our body.

We don't join together with a halo or energy around us like Decker and V'ger's probe did. However, our lives are never the same.

25 January 2021

Abortion in the States

Check out these two diverging, recent headlines from Life Site News.

"Mississippi bill would classify abortion as murder"

"UPDATED: Virginia Senate votes to force taxpayer-funded abortions"

When Roe v. Wade (1973; created abortion right in US) is overturned, it's been said that abortion rights will be determined by each state. From the headlines above, it sure looks like that.

I'm wondering if this is actually not the case. Roe had a sentence about personhood of the preborn (unborn). If personhood is established for the preborn, the fourteenth amendment would protect the preborn from elective abortion death under the due process clause (no taking of life or liberty without due process of law). I wonder if the constitutional conservatives will remember this and actually make abortion itself illegal in all fifty states. I wonder.

22 January 2021

Hitting the Mark

Sin is a word and concept that is contemptible in our libertine age. The only "sin" is even implying that an action or feeling is not right for someone else to do or feel. According to former President Obama, a sin is to do something against one's principles; there is no external reference for those principles.

Well, the above approaches to sin would be correct if there were no God. As Sartre wrote, we create our own meaning without reference to any god. His entire philosophical matrix would fall apart if God existed-in-fact.

If God existed, He made you and me a certain way to live rightly. What sin really includes is missing the mark of living in the right way.

Think of a bow, arrow, and target. The goal of bow and arrow shooting at the range of life is to get a bullseye. We have to train, practice, and obtain the correct materials/equipment to get the maximum number of bullseyes. We'll more likely hit the mark.

Then we'll be truly happy.