Why WZE?

Why did I name this blog “Wondering Zygote Emeritus”?

First ("Wondering"), it’s because I hope that every blog entry will be genuinely personal * and will have a universal appeal.

Second ("Zygote Emeritus"), I was a zygote human (one-cell embryo human) at one time and have now developed into an adult human (emeritus of my zygotic developmental stage **).

* “Without wonder, men and women would lapse into deadening routine and little by little would become incapable of a life which is genuinely personal.” -Pope John Paul II, "Fides et Ratio", "Faith and Reason"

** Since I was then (as a zygote human, or one-cell embryo) and am now (as an adult human) a male product of male and female humans, I was then and am now a human. My (1) size (2) level of development, (3) environment, and (4) degree of dependency (the SLED test; BTW, zygotes are one-cell embryos) did not now or then disqualify me from being a human person. However, it begs to question, since I was a zygote and did not wonder then, why would I be considered a person as a zygote? Put it this way: I do not wonder as I did, in reverse chronological order, as a teenager, child, infant, fetus, zygote. I don’t remember how I thought as a, say, fetus, but I had a human person’s brain and I had all the cognitive ability as I was able to at the time (even if I was mentally handicap, which I was not). Even as a zygote, I had the cells that eventually did differentiate into my own personal brain; I was still my own person then as I am now, I just don’t remember it (I hardly remember last week, but I know I was a person then too).

For the SLED test, please view the following (BTW, zygotes are one-cell embryos):

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