05 April 2008

PAAAC (PAK) and OTAAAC (O tak)

In an article that I responded to, the author reported that no one is really pro-abortion. He said that people are going to get pregnant and will want to end the pregnancy, so we should at least allow women the choice to have an abortion. He’s not personally for abortion, but it should be a choice for other people. In other words, he’s not pro-abortion, but he is pro-choice.

I have two responses. First, if one considers the personal human life within the woman as a life that is to be protected, they would never approve of abortion for themselves or anyone else. It seems that he does indeed think the life is to be protected; hence he is not personally for abortion. But, to say that women should have the choice to kill the life, he is contradicting his own personal view.

Second, I realize that most people are not for abortion but nonetheless are for the right of women to get abortions, which is contradictory as shown above. In response, I propose that we change the labels of pro-choice and pro-life to PAAAC (PAK) and OTAAAC (O tak), or “pro-abortion as a choice” and “opposed to abortion as a choice”, respectively.

What does this rhetoric do? It clarifies the abortion position of each side. I think it creates confusion to label the sides pro-choice and pro-life because each side is pro-choice and pro-life. In addition to the obvious views, the former wants to protect the life of the mother while the latter wants to give the mother choices so that her child can have life.

Changing the labels to PAAAC and OTAAAC get to the actual differences between the two camps. Since I am a person OTAAAC, I think this distinction will further the cause of those that are OTAAAC. When society gets down to reflecting on what abortion really is, abortion will be eliminated as a choice that is in reality a cruel and inhumane murder.


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