05 April 2008

Pick a Side

I responded to an article regarding reasons not to be Catholic. The same author wrote another article regarding abortion and “gay marriage”. He writes,

The point of this long rant is simple: I will no longer stand for individuals
telling me what I am or what I am not. I am pro-choice, not pro-abortion. I am
pro-gay marriage, not pro-homosexuality. This does not in any way mean that I am
against abortion or homosexuality. It just means that I am not for it.

And that's ok. The next time somebody gives you grief about these
two subjects and demands that you take a side, just respond by saying that the
world is not black and white, but shades of gray. Tell that person that just
because you vote a certain way doesn't necessarily mean you think that is the
way people should act in their personal lives.

In closing, I sincerely do hope the people with the bumper sticker do mean "You can't be Catholic and be Pro-Abortion," because if they really meant "You can't be
Catholic and be Pro-Choice," then what they're actually saying is "You can't be
Catholic and have freedom of ideas."

Why be pro-choice & “pro-gay marriage” and not pro-abortion & not pro-homosexuality? If they’re just ideas, don’t take any side. Whatever people do, just accept it all, and I mean all, as being right. Why not? They’re just ideas.

How can you say, “This does not in any way mean that I am against abortion or homosexuality. It just means that I am not for it”? If you think abortion is wrong, why should someone else do it? Should they do wrong? Maybe they don’t think they’re doing wrong, but at least you should insist that they are doing wrong since you believe it is wrong. Having “freedom of ideas” shouldn’t mean that your ideas are not meant to be relayed or even enforced.

Shout from the rooftop that abortion is wrong and say why. Most people will agree with you. Join the other people in saying that abortion is wrong and should be made illegal like murder and rape are. People still murder and rape; it doesn’t mean that they should be made legal, even if some people think that they should be legal.

Regarding “gay-marriage”, you say that you are not pro-homosexuality. (I discuss “gay-marriage” at length here .) What do you think gay people do in gay-marriage? They engage in gay sex! If they were just platonic, they wouldn’t need to get “married”. Since you are not pro-homosexuality, why aren’t you writing that “gay-marriage” should not be civically institutionalized, knowing full well that people in “gay-marriage” are pro-homosexuality?

Sure there is “freedom of ideas”. It can never be eliminated. However, actions should be stopped if they are wrong. Abortion and “gay-marriage” are wrong and should not be legal, institutionalized, or be allowed to continue. Pick a side. Actually, support the side above that is right for each issue. It’s only gray when you personally blur the colors; they are in reality, whatever anyone thinks, black and white, right or wrong.

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