23 April 2014

Violet & Daisy Movie Downplays Assisted Suicide Wacky Wednesday

***Spoilers Alert!*** The Sopranos: The Next Generation

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Violet & Daisy Movie Downplays Assisted Suicide

In all of the vi'lence displayed
It can make a crowd quite dismayed.
So when mercy's implied
In assisting to die,
It's hard to sort out when it's played.

Instead all the vi'lence congeals,
In my view, on that act which reveals
How they all do connect.
Vi'lence: all to reject.
Direct killing itself, stop its wheels.

vi'lence = violence

Atonement Movie Sets a Narcissistic Tone

***Spoilers Alert!*** Atonement is described by one author as a movie with "an attempted act of reparation [that] is exposed as narcissistic self-deception". Ouch. Sometimes the truth hurts.

narcissism,WWII,Great Britain,England
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Self-deception is one of the things that Easter is meant to get us out of.

Behold! Awaken! Be amazed! We are not ultimately meant to be dirt, perishing in the ground. Instead, Jesus' resurrection is meant to focus our attention toward what God has in store for all of us, freedom.

What is the content of that freedom? The hope in that we will share in what Jesus has and has became. To be victorious over sin, corruption, and death as is it.

It can often be painful in the here and now, especially as our wickedness is wicked from our lives though our cross. But the finish line is there: the resurrected Jesus is holding it before us while he holds the true cross, the sign of our journey and victory.

In short, we should stop deceiving ourselves, shake off our sin with its self-absorption, and follow Christ to the cross and then onto resurrection.

18 April 2014

Meaning of Easter by Fr. Barron

Posting will resume after the first Sunday of Easter.

Have a Happy Easter!

In the meantime, Fr. Barron on the meaning of Easter.

Some points:
Jewish expectations after one dies.
Novel idea of encounter of betrayers and returning betrayed.
Novel idea to bring peace to Earth.

16 April 2014

Catholic Sister Confronted with Cultural Concoction Wacky Wednesday

A Catholic Sister presented the Church's teaching on same-sex attraction (SSA) at a Catholic High School and received negative feedback for touching on this controversial topic (as was described in this interview with a spokesman of the Catholic diocese where sister spoke). As part of her talk as a PhD expert, she spoke out about scientific studies regarding the genesis of same-sex attraction (the Church does not take an official position on said genesis).

This directly confronted western cultures' concoction that people with SSA are "born that way". There is research with large sampling back to Freud (see part I) that opposes this conclusion.

Catholic Sister Confronted with Cultural Concoction

A sister said matter-of-factly
That same-sex attraction is * stat'ly
Not simply a gene.
Becoming a queen
Starts other ways she said compactly.

stat'ly = statistically

15 April 2014

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Movie Shows Happiness is Found in the Truth

***Spoilers Alert!*** Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day was very well written. It had to be since there were dizzying twists and turns that naturally proceeded from webs of lies.

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Lies by every main character made them all personally miserable. It all changed when one was entranced by a word of truth (he's pictured above with Miss Pettigrew).

From that one true complement made from the heart of Miss Pettigrew about a beautiful scarf he designed, her life and the lives around her found new life in true (almost non-Hollywood-like) happiness.

Truth changes lives so that one can truly live. The Truth of Jesus' words changes lives in similar ways.

"The Glory of God is a human being fully alive!"

Hanna Movie Shows Human Commodity

***Spoilers Alert!*** The movie Hanna (2011) was quite disturbing. Hanna was quite literally made into a human killing machine.
"Saoirse Ronan",Hanna,abortion,experiment
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What was even more disturbing is that Hanna and many other in-utero children were genetically mutated to become human killers for (probably) the military. What is more, they were selected from babies that were going to be aborted in abortion-killing-chambers.

Catholic social justice starts with the belief that all humans from their conception (pre-, post-, and in-utero) have inherit worth. From this, no human can be made into a commodity for any reason.

Hanna's genetic manipulators (including her "father") knew this, but they did it anyway. It was clear in the movie that Hanna was to be terminated to keep their dealings secret.

If they knew genetic manipulation for creating human commodities was wrong, why did they do it? Did they think preborn humans were less valuable?

09 April 2014

Catholic Sister Disparaged for Catholic Marriage Talk Wacky Wednesday

This Wacky Wednesday was inspired by the article, "Charlotte [North Carolina, USA] diocese backs nun who gave school talk promoting Church teaching on homosexuality" by Kirsten Andersen.

Church,marriage,truth,Pope Francis,satan
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A sister said truth about marr'age.
Expectedly some had to disparage
The obvious truth.
She wasn't uncouth:
One man and his bride ride the carr'age.

There's someone else who took the risk;
The way it could sound was quite brisk.
His name now is Pope,
He said Satan's hope:
Gay marr'age turns brains into bisque *.

The bisque will have sev'ral key parts:
Confusion, half-truths a la carte.
Homofascists arise.
It's no big surprise:
The Church fights with Truth to change hearts.

* "Let's not be naive, we're not talking about a simple political battle; it is a destructive pretension against the plan of God," wrote Cardinal Bergoglio [now Pope Francis] in a letter sent to the monasteries of Buenos Aires. "We are not talking about a mere bill, but rather a machination of the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God."

For Google translation:
marr'age = marriage
sev'ral = several
carr'age = carriage

08 April 2014

The Search for Spock Movie Laughs at Superior Science

***Spoilers Alert!*** Star Trek III: The Search for Spock ironically puts down progress in science and technology and lifts up simple, mortal ways.
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First, the Genesis science project goes to hell (quite literally). The USS Excelsior's new warp drive goes kaput. The USS Enterprise is blown up. The heroes are transported in the end by a flying tin-can warship. Were the writers laughing at superior science and technology?

It took an unethical scientist to use banned proto-matter. It took the removal of only a few computer chips to disable the state-of-the-art trans-warp drive of the Excelsior. It took three people to destroy the Enterprise. Reading Klingon, getting back to basics was required to leave the self-destructing Genesis Planet.

For what? To get the movie's namesake to his home-planet in able to get their quasi-witchdoctors to put him back together. How back-of-the-woods?

Why are they doing this? I think it's because no matter how much science discoveries and technology inventions are revealed, mortals still have a desire to relate to mortal matters.

What do you think?