06 January 2021

Black Lives Matter Inc. Opinions

Opinions of Three Black Men Who Are Honest about the Official BLM Organization

FYI: I wrote this post elsewhere in June 2020.

The partial-transcripts of their opinions are below and at 

(1) George Floyd Was Murdered - An Honest Perspective [by Zuby]
(2) 'Black Lives Matter' Is Not Helping Blacks [by Derryck Green]
(3) Why I don't support # BlackLivesMatter [by Eric D July]

**Partial Transcripts:
Opinions of Three Black Men Who Are Honest about the Official BLM Organization
(1) George Floyd Was Murdered - An Honest Perspective [by Zuby]
2:00 George Floyd was murdered. There is no excuse.
2:30 Zuby does not have BLM/anti-police sentiment (not activist).
2:40 He is critical of BLM because they are silent on the 99% of black people who are killed in US.
4:49 If the optics do not line-up with BLM's narrative (white on black violence/bl on bl violence), BLM ignores.
3:07 Of course he is in agreement with the "black lives matter" sentiment (as well as "all lives matter"). Almost everyone agrees with that.
3:15 He believes in womb to the tomb, human lives matter. It doesn't matter if man, woman, baby, unborn baby, adult, orange, yellow, white.
3:43 He believes all humans have inherent value.
3:46 He doesn't get caught-up in race bating.
3:51 He is also not hyper-emotional.
3:57 Nearly all contentious cases are not clear, there are other circumstances going on (4:13).
4:15 However, in this situation, Mr. Floyd was hand-cuffed and neutralized.
4:27 There is no self-defense here.
4:38 This could have happened to a white man, Asian man, white woman, black woman. It wouldn't matter.
4:47 People are getting bogged-down in "bull crap" like they always do, and it gets so tiresome.
4:51 This is why he made the video.
5:00 People who try to defend this police officer sound like clowns.
5:27 Even if Mr. Floyd was casing people with a chainsaw, this is still murder.
5:33 It would still be a massive error by the police involved.
5:46 In this circumstance, after subduing Mr. Floyd, there is no reason to kill him. There is no excuse.
6:12 It's extremely rare to have a video of police killing suspects in cold-blood like here.
6:31 The officer knew what he was doing.
7:33 Four other officers, including Latino [Asian?], were present and did nothing.
7:42 This is evidence that this this is not a black and white thing.
8:05 Only about 1% of police officers would do this. But what about those standing around?
8:30 This act was evil since he didn't need to kill him. Sometimes killing/harming is justified, but not here.
9:30 People are trying to make this a left-right thing.
10:40 Police violence in Minneapolis was also against white woman.
10:49 "When you have principles, race becomes a non-issue. That becomes a distraction."
11:09 Issue is not right-left, black-white.
12:00 Worse case of police violence was against white male in a hotel. The police defendant in case got off scot-free and got a payout for it.
12:15 Zuby is not social justice warrior (SJW). He believes in justice. Just justice.
12:25 Nobody is above the law. Citizen or police.
12:35 We can't afford to have bad apples in the police force.
12:50 They have a badge and a gun.
13:30 They have the authority to kill people legally in many cases.
14:15 There's nothing that can justify Mr. Floyd's killing. Even if he was a moment before chasing someone with a chainsaw.
(2) 'Black Lives Matter' Is Not Helping Blacks [by Derryck Green]
0:25 Derryck Green has done extensive research on the civil rights movement, black power movement, and BLM.
0:55 He believes police brutality is an issue.
1:15 People should rightly protest about police officer's actions that killed Mr. Floyd.
1:20 There are a lot more "pressing issues" that should be "prioritized above" the issue of police brutality if we are serious about changing the way black communities are lived in the country currently.
1:35 This does not trivialize George Floyd's death.
1:43 Justice should be rightly meted-out.
1:48 There are so many other issues that impact black families and black lives.
2:05 (Will Witt) If BLM really cared about black lives, BLM should focus on those issues that really effect black lives daily.
2:25 (Green) BLM is primarily focused on police brutality.
2:28 The numbers of unarmed blacks killed by police each year is almost a statistical zero. This is not to trivialize the lives that were lost (2:38). They should be put in proper context.
2:53 One of the issues that should be prominent is black marriage rates. Black marriage rates are under thirty percent. (Whites are ~50%.)
3:05 Black parents having kids in marriage would improve black lives.
3:09 Another issue is education.
3:45 Increasing minimum wage hurts black lives. (Prices out of market.)
4:25 Reducing government to help blacks thrive.
4:44 White Antifa members support BLM destroy black businesses.
5:20 Antifa are social opportunists.
5:25 BLM had an obligation to shut down Antifa/riots that hurt black lives and businesses.
5:40 Riots turn people away who would normally listen to your cause/pleas for justice.
6:15 It costs a lot of money to set up in city areas. Who would want to come to cities knowing it’s a tinderbox ready to explode.
6:43 BLM not shutting Antifa down in the beginning of the riots/violence eliminated BLM moral authority.
7:40 The left frames the parameters of the debate. They force you to operate within those parameters, and if you don't, you are evil and not with them.
8:10 The left and right were in agreement that the death of Mr. Floyd was a travesty and the officers should be fired and arrested.
8:15 It wasn't enough. Rioting was not the answer.
8:25 One way to help black lives is not to riot. Many people who live in those communities work in those communities where businesses were destroyed.
8:44 But businesses will come back (like Covid). We don't know that, esp. after extended periods of time.
9:30 BLM is a movement to use white guilt and black rage to achieve their aims.
9:40 Affirmative action is absolutely racist.
10:00 White people kneeling to black people is racist in itself.
10:09 Going back on blacks integrating into society. It's almost segregation again.
10:29 Affirmative action and BLM won't end because they are ready-made vehicles that white people can support to disprove their racism in advance, however counter-productive they are.
11:00 Without coerced gov't intervention you would not be successful.
11:15 Handouts are at the expense of black development it stifles black flourishing.
11:22 Also has stigma of lower standards. Never be rest assured what accomplished were on own merits.
11:32 BLM same way. Kneeling is patronizing: we can't deal with a black person like a regular human being.
11:45 We don't think their emotionally mature enough to deal with life separately and distinct from race. Not that we should ignore it. We have to show we're not racist.
12:00 It's like patting them on the head. That's offensive.
12:20 White groveling doesn't solve the problem; it shows weakness.
12:33 White guilt is the leverage to black power.
12:55 We should treat blacks as equals.
13:25 Treat blacks as equals and peers, not children.
13:32 (Witt) We live in the generation of virtue signaling.
14:15 (Green) White guilt/privilege thrust upon whites, and if left unchecked it would expand white supremacy.
14:40 Social media is substitute for real activism. A black square means absolutely nothing.
15:19 Original civil rights leaders marched to help US live up to ideals of Dec. of Ind.
15:38 Advocate for better schools instead of social media virtue signaling.
15:55 Advocate for blacks to get married and stay married?
16:03 It's very difficult work.
16:22 (Witt) Don't blame people putting up black squares.
16:55 (Green) Differences between civil rights movement (MLK/non-violence) and black power movements (black panthers).
17:50 Civil rights movement believed US just didn't live up to ideals of Dec. of Ind.
18:28 Civil rights movement born and thrived in black churches.
18:48 Black power movements wanted separatism. (18:57 black nationalism)
19:50 Black power movements coopted by white left.
19:58 Black fists.
20:53 BLM won't convince anyone who already doesn't have their ideological presuppositions.
22:30 What happens to conservative blacks (or blacks not on the left) when they speak-out.
23:00 There is strength in numbers. More conservatives (or blacks not on the left) speaking out will help black lives.
23:50 More white conservatives (or whites not on the left) should speak out to help black lives.
24:55 Rejecting BLM as a movement is not rejecting the idea that black lives matter.
(3) Why I don't support # BlackLivesMatter [by Eric D July]
3:14 Solutions should also be good for freedom purposes.
4:30 Black lives matter to who?
6:30 Be self-reliant.
8:00 Woke police, not demolish them is goal.
9:15 BLM corporate movement.
9:40 BLM: Please stop beating us but also include us.
11:15 BLM very leftist movement.
11:30 Eric's not like Candace, but don't hate her.
12:00 POC, what is that?
12:45 LGBT thing. Not hating on them, though.
12:55 BLM started with LGBT thing.
13:00 It's a leadership problem.
13:15 Eric doesn't want your civil rights laws or pity.
13:22 "This whole movement is about white folk feeling as if black men and black women’s world can't move unless they move it for them. Let's just keep it real."
13:40 It would be one thing if they [BLM] said to keep the hell out of our way.
14:05 Self-loathing whites helping out blacks.
14:30 Human beings are human beings and there will always be disparities.
14:40 Not interested in evening the odds [in outcome percentages].
14:55 Putting more black cops and politicians is not the solution.
15:48 Worried about what is right or wrong.
16:25 There is a problem in black communities. Cultural problem. Pains them to address issues.
17:40 Welfare status
17:55 Baby mommas
15:45 Marriage direct link to positive outcomes.
19:20 Drug problems
19:40 Prison assumptions offensive
20:50 Raised by mother
21:20 Mother taught him that her situation was not preferable as single mother
21:50 It's ok to acknowledge the preference even when it's not present
21:55 People that terrorize their community are bad people. (He was a bad person at one time too.)
23:30 Tale of when first called unblack when said didn't want handouts.
23:40 Kill and be bad person is what it is to be black, but if don't want handouts, not black.
23:50 Addressing cultural problems require responsibility.
24:15 "I'm the victim" (despite the experience of black immigrants).
24:39 Legacy of slavery? Like come on dog. No.
25:47 This is white supremacy.
26:50 Get black people armed and trained.
27:40 Privatizing police or community police.
28:35 More woke police?
29:15 Why ignoring statism and focusing on racism instead of having self-ownership.
29:35 "Holding signs rioting is not about to save them 'cause you must of forgot that that's the power you gave them."
29:45 Stockholm syndrome.
30:00 "obedient"
30:25 Eric's against the state.

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