18 December 2020

New Eagle Scout Intersectionality Requirement

Well, I was a Boy Scout merit badge counselor. Not after this requirement.

The Scouts (the Boy was removed) is now part of the intersectionality cult. No thank you.

Requiring safety training is one thing (mandated reporter, fighting abuse). Becoming one with Marxist BLM, no way.


"Calling all Merit Badge Counselors

"We need merit badge counselors for the soon to be released Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion merit badge.  A draft of the requirements is out but not yet official.  It will be an Eagle required merit badge.  The total of 21 merit badges will not change, there will now be 14 Eagle required merit badges and 7 elective merit badges.  Scouts will be able to start working on this merit badge on January 1, 2021.  Starting May 1, 2021 this merit badge will be required to attain the rank of Eagle.

"Following is a summary of what the merit badge entails:

    ·       Discussions of diversity, equity, inclusion, bigotry, and intersectionality.
    ·       Discussions of the various types of racism.
    ·       How to create a welcoming environment in you unit
    ·       Develop a presentation on diversity, equity, and inclusion
    ·       Research organizations and individuals and how they work in these fields
    ·       Attend or learn about an event an event related to diversity
    ·       Learn and discuss specific scenarios about how to be an upstander
    ·       Other work related to subjects in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

"There are quite a few more requirements proposed for this merit badge, all dealing with the above topics.  The final requirements are scheduled to be released sometime in December."

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