25 March 2014

When the Time Has Come by Huey Lewis and the News on Redemption Time

So, Huey Lewis and the News has an entire song about their version of the eschaton, or the end of the world (many songs mention it, but briefly). It's "When the Time Has Come".

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He mentions in the song that the eschaton is "redemption time". This made me thought of the time when Pope Francis said that everyone including atheists is redeemed by Jesus.

Many people were in an uproar and/or confused about the Pope's pronouncement since most assumed the Church taught that atheists could not enter heaven. Was he supposedly changing another Church teaching? Yet again, the teaching did not change.

All were redeemed by Jesus when he died on the cross. The thing is, for salvation, one has to join with Christ in baptism and carry his or her cross. There has to be a response by the redeemed. Redemption makes salvation possible.

This song by Huey Lewis confuses the matter further by calling the eschaton "redemption time". That time has been completed once and for all.

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