18 March 2014

The Lego Movie's Prophesying by Vitruvius

***Spoilers Alert!*** So, Morgan Freeman's character Vitruvius (accent on "tru"; on the right in the picture below) revealed a prophesy in The Lego Movie that was pretty silly.

"Morgan Freeman", Vitruvius, prophesy
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Near the end of the movie, Vitruvius said that he made it up. (The specific prophesy of The Lego Movie will be looked at soon; in this post, just the silliness of the telling of the prophesy will be explored briefly.)

Looking to Jesus, there were many prophesies made about him in the Old Testament (Torah and other books). The ancient prophets of his Hebrew (Jewish) community said that there would be a person anointed Savior of Israel, to rule as a son of King David. There were many other prophesies about a new and eternal King of Israel that would deal with the enemies of Israel.

The thing is that if a prophet was found out to be a false prophet, or one who prophesied falsely, according to the Law of Moses (Jewish Law) that prophet should die. (That's one of the reasons that Jesus died, the Israel leadership believed that he was a false prophet.) This is one reason why the Hebrew community took prophesying seriously.

So, prophesying in the Hebrew world was not a light matter. Of course, the Lego world could take Vitruvius' prophesying lightly since they were just plastic who were filmed by stop action cameras (and/or CGI).

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