26 February 2014

Wacky Wednesday Arizona's Conscience Law

Update 3/4/2014: Upon rereading the second stanza, it did not convey what was meant to be said. Therefore, it has been changed in the second and third lines. I am sorry for the confusion.

A counter for lunch is for all.
Grand Canyon State's holding the ball.
Comparisons work
For even a jerk
Unless the analogies fall.

And owners have rights to deny
A service to one that is high ‡,
Or raises the finger,
Or clocks one a ringer,
Or other acts that go awry.

Analogies are hard to align,
But here's one that's going to chime.
If 'Zona's law passed
When *More held his fast,
His head would have stayed all the time.

© 2014 Wondering Zygote Emeritus

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*St. Thomas More was held in the Tower of London instead of revealing his beliefs that the supposed marriage between King Henry VIII and his second Queen was valid and that the King was the head of the Church of England (CoE). He was beheaded for treason for these beliefs. See the movie and play Man for All Seasons for more dramatic details.

‡ For those who are foreign and are translating this stanza: high = high on drugs and/or alcohol; the finger = the middle finger which is highly offensive; clocks one a ringer = punches and/or beats someone up.

The analogy between serving food to all people regardless of any ** accidental trait of a person is not consistent with requiring a caterer or photographer providing services for an event that either directly or indirectly supports an act that is morally repugnant to said caterer or photographer (etc.).

** An "accident" is a philosophical term for some trait that doesn't necessarily define a substance. An accident may change while the substance stays the same.

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