10 December 2010

Interesting New Conservative Action Committee in Maryland

Since craigslist has supposedly changed its ways and is now off (one of) my boycott list(s), I went looking for and found one of those fire emergency ladders for my kids.

When I went to pick it up at the seller's house, I saw a Murphy sticker (for MD governor) on their front door. After paying for the ladder, I said, "Sorry about Murphy; I voted for him too."

Then they said something like, "Did you hear about the new conservative group that's forming to elect conservative, not just Republican candidates?"

"What, you mean not like Ehrlich?", I said.

Well, they gave me a flyer for registration for a MDCAN conference that's coming up.

From the flyer:
"Frustrated with last November’s election results in Maryland?"
"Weary of one-party rule that threatens our livelihoods?"
"Ready to re-build electoral politics from the grassroots up?"
"Then turn your frustration into ACTION, and join fellow conservatives in Annapolis to chart a new course for Maryland!"
Definition of "conservative" from their website (and here):
"We are assuming that conservatives come in all stripes (and from all political parties) and are not just fiscal conservatives, but support the US Constitution including especially the second and tenth amendments, respect the sanctity of life and support traditional marriage, respect the law on the question of immigration, wish to reform our education system, and are ready and willing to defend our great Nation against any and all threats to our national security." (emphasis added)
I hope this action committee works some good news!

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