16 June 2010

Same Sex "Marriage" Questionable History

From Lawyer: Gays denied right by Calif marriage ban:
Olson said the U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly recognized marriage as a fundamental right — one afforded to prisoners serving life sentences and child support scofflaws — while refusing to make procreation a precondition of marriage, as evidenced by laws allowing divorces and contraception.

"It is the right of individuals, not an indulgence to be dispensed by the state," Olson said. "The right to marry, to choose to marry, has never been tied to procreation." (emphasis added)
Whenever someone says that something never happened or was never viewed a certain way in history, my alarms go off. It first went off in the abortion debate with Roe v. Wade's biased, untrue, and socially devastating accounting of history. Dispelling the Myths of Abortion History by (lapsed Unitarian Universalist) Joseph W. Dellapenna has gone into excruciating detail against the following myths of abortion:
(1) that abortion was always a common practice in human history; (2) that voluntary early abortions were not crimes until the nineteenth century; (3) that the nineteenth-century abortion statutes were designed to protect the life of the mother rather the life of the child; and (4) that the statutes were enacted through a conspiracy of men to accomplish several nefarious purposes—to subordinate women, to eliminate competition from women health-care workers with male physicians, and to ensure adequate birth rates among white, Protestant women to prevent “race suicide.”
Well, guess what, marriage has been tied to procreation. Guess in which controversial issue.

Interracial marriage! (of all places right)

From F. Beckwith:
Supporters of anti-miscegenation laws believed in their cause precisely because they understood that when male and female are joined in matrimony they may beget racially-mixed progeny, and these children, along with their parents, will participate in civil society and influence its cultural trajectory. (original emphasis)
When (not if) this goes to the Supreme Court, I hope to God that the majority gets history right. If not, orthodox Christians and Mormons (LDS) get ready for some real romping on our Earthly pilgrimage, Indian style.

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