19 June 2010

Happy Janteenth

Today is Juneteenth. It's today that the the Emancipation Proclamation was essentially effective in the State of Texas but was and is celebrated by many emancipated slaves and their descendants elsewhere.

Did you know that President Reagan also made an Emancipation Proclamation? It was for preborn children (he used the words preborn!) and was proclaimed 14 January 1988. (Should the March for Life change its date to that day?)

Obviously it wasn't effective to outlaw abortion, but it's nice to know it happened, esp in the Personhood campaign.

It took the 13 and 14th amendments to ratify Lincoln's Proclamation. It's been too long for Reagan's to go unamended.

I wonder when it will. Just like slavery, it took a while for the effect to take place, but it was the right thing to do (there's even slavery/human trafficking today). Abortion will obviously be a similar deal when outlawed, but it's worth all that comes with it.

I've recently read that outlawing abortion will be like prohibition since it will just essentially create speakeasy environments. However, you know what, there are people who are for decriminalizing currently illegal drugs AND outlawing abortion (Ron Paul for instance; BTW, I think some drugs need to be illegal). They are for decriminalizing the former since it has been a dismal failure. However, he and others are for criminalizing the latter (with similar laws as before Roe v. Wade) since the US Constitution is in effect to protect the innocent from unjust aggression.

Well, I can't wait until I can celebrate Janteenth.

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