14 July 2008

"The Eucharistic person"

Below are two contrasted articles from the same day (7-10-08) on

[1] From verbatim transcripts of the "Conference on Population Problems," just one of the countless number of such meetings the book exposes, Connelly found that what drove them were the questions of how many people the world could hold along with "whether 'industrial development should be withheld' from poor, agrarian countries like India." By decreasing mortality and encouraging "breeding," development would increase inferior populations and further degrade "the genetic quality of the human race." They decided radical measures to reduce birthrates were justified in order to save "Western Civilization" from being dragged down by the growing humanitarian demands of Third World countries. [New Book Exposes Eugenics Mandate in Reproductive Rights Agenda / Part I: Power, Money, and Science Unite to Exterminate the World's Poor]
[2] [Cardinal Christian Wiyghan Tumi, Archbishop of Douala, Cameroon] continued, referring to North American society, "And since the families here have two or three children that already is (considered) much. In our Third World we have families with 12, 13, 14, 15 children and these are young men and women growing up. So, I have the impression that the West is panicking because their population is becoming old." And the reason for that panic, explained the Cardinal, is that "they are afraid that other countries might invade the West and reduce their standard of living." [an interview with LifeSiteNews at the Eucharistic Congress in Quebec City on June 21 said the West is afraid of population growth in Third World nations.]

The secular West is dying out and Christian Africa is growing.

Cardinal Tumi continued on

With the spiritual dimension, he indicated, true seekers of justice can have a substantial positive affect. He stated, "The Eucharistic person is a dangerous person, burning with the fire of the spirit and whose only purpose is to extend that fire and to become fire for others. This person is a person of daring, a person of confrontation, a person of radicalism, gospel radicalism, and of the absolute."

Tumi stated, "The person of the Eucharist who loves, disturbs everybody, shakes everybody and might even give them a bad conscience or the feeling of a bad conscience. Our vocation as witnesses to the gospel is to give others a bad conscience so that the other person knows how to distinguish bad from good, evil from good and when a person does evil their conscience accuses them."
May all Christians be a person of the Eucharist and destroy "the Eugenics Mandate in Reproductive Rights Agenda"!

May God's Will be done as it is in Heaven.

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