23 July 2008

Atheist Link

I was asked here:
If you are a Catholic, why are you linking to Richard Dawkins? -SM
I frequently visit the links on my page. I do not agree with much of the liberal and Atheist content on those pages. However, I strive to stay informed about topics with which I don't agree. Further, since I will probably hear the content of these pages in my conversations online and in real life, I would like to have the opportunity to think and pray about them. If I did not do this, I would probably get caught off guard. I know I am to let the Holy Spirit speak through me, but it doesn't hurt to stay informed.

Specifically regarding the Dawkins website, after I finish The God Delusion, I would like to sign up as a commenter on the site and comment. Would you join me in signing up and commenting? The Church Militant needs to confront the Militant Atheists head on. We'll get spit on, but so was Christ.

Thank you for commenting! God bless.

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