16 February 2008

Welcome to Wondering Zygote Emeritus

Why did I name this blog “Wondering Zygote Emeritus”? First, it’s because I hope that every blog entry will be genuinely personal, and I hope, will have a universal appeal (catholic means universal). Second, I was a zygote at one time and have now developed into an adult (Emeritus of my Zygotic developmental stage). *

Much of the blog space will be filled with ideas that I have formulated after hours of wondering about mostly everything. Having a plethora of controversial ideas, I hope that many readers will challenge me on them (in a civil manner (as defined by me), i.e., no foul language, name calling, threats, etc.). Most of the ideas are based on various governmental and religious platforms, but in general, they do not represent the institutions from which they emanate. God gave me free will, so I speak for myself.

However, I strive to speak with quoted facts when necessary, unless the topic is purely opinion. I usually do not speak in devil’s advocate voice, so what I say is what I think at the time unless otherwise specified. Being direct is the most efficient use of the time that we have on this corruptible Earth.

The topics I usually speak about are religious in nature. I do not much care for politics, but where two people come together, there politicking is. Matters of sex rank high on my topic list since “if we live according to the truth of our sexuality, we fulfill the very meaning of life.” (Christopher West on Pope John Paul II “Theology of the Body”) Next, matters of life such as abortion and euthanasia are high on the list. There will also undoubtedly be family matters and purely religious topics discussed since I am a Father of 4 (2 at home) and Godfather to 2 (so far on both). Finally, I hope to address some of the ideas of the militant Atheists including R. Dawkins and C. Hitchens.

I hope that this blog will be a fulfilling personal enterprise for each person reading it and responding to the ideas.

May the Lord be praised!

If someone would like to cite this blog in another Internet article or paper (etc.), respectively, please link to the post using the header or use, “McClain, Gerry. “Article Title”. “Wondering Zygote Emeritus Blog”. Day.Month.Year.” Also, let me know about each usage for sake of my encouragement in general.

* Since I was then (as a zygote) and am now (as an adult) a product of male and female human persons, I was then and am now a human person. My (1) size (2) level of development, (3) environment, and (4) degree of dependency (the SLED test) did not now or then disqualify me from being a human person. However, it begs to question, since I was a zygote and did not wonder then, why would I be considered a person as a zygote? Put it this way: I do not wonder as I did, in reverse chronological order, as a teenager, child, infant, fetus, zygote. I don’t remember how I thought as a, say, fetus, but I had a human person’s brain and I had all the cognitive ability as I was able to at the time (even if I was mentally handicap, which I was not). Even as a zygote, I had the cells that eventually did differentiate into my own personal brain; I was still my own person then as I am now, I just don’t remember it (I hardly remember last week, but I know I was a person then too).


  1. I wonder if he thinks that a new human person life started at conception.


  2. If you are a Catholic, why are you linking to Richard Dawkins? It will only help his hit counter rise.

  3. "If you are a Catholic, why are you linking to Richard Dawkins?" -SM

    I'm now writing a post to answer this.

  4. The post (for SM) is here:


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