02 April 2008

The Iraq War and Pro-Choice Politicians

Have you noticed that the rhetoric of the Iraq War and Pro-Choice Politicians follow a similar progression? First, the war was started to preempt the use of WMD’s; then, the mission was to bring freedom and democracy to Iraq. It’s similar to the progression of Pro-Choice Politicians. First, legal abortion was to protect the actual life (as opposed to death) of a pregnant woman; then, it was to safeguard women’s role in society as productive citizens. In both situations, a seemingly legitimate reason is placed front and center of the debate, while the real impetus is lurking in the background.

All these games are played despite the fact that the first reason is not true and actually misleads the public. In other words, there were really no WMD’s and the life of the mother is rarely threatened by the presence of the personal human life within her (in comparison to the on-demand abortions performed for the same time period).

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