23 January 2009

Save the Sheep From the Wolves!

I’ve been reading Human Dignity and Bioethics: Essays Commissioned by the President's Council on Bioethics. In the essay “The Nature and Basis of Human Dignity” by Patrick Lee and Robert P. George, in the footnotes it says,
It is worth noting that nonhuman animals themselves not only regularly engage in killing each other, but many of them (lions and tigers, for example) seem to depend for their whole mode of living (and so their flourishing), on hunting and killing other animals. If nonhuman animals really did have full moral rights, however, we would be morally required to stop them from killing each other. Indeed, we would be morally required to invest considerable resources-economic, military, even-in order to protect zebras and antelopes from lions, sheep and foxes from wolves, and so on.

Of course this military scenario is ridiculous, but why aren’t animal activists (PETA) trying to save Apes from each other’s militant advances in the wild or otherwise? In Spain (, the government has already resolved to equate great apes and humans.

If they can call great apes humans, why do they still deem that throwing humans in the trash is perfectly acceptable (moral) and legal (not the same thing)? It makes some people crazy. From
"[Matthew Derosia of Cottage Grove] saw all these little babies that made it and he heard all these horror stories about the babies that made it in the trash can making noise. It made him sick," said Georjean [Derosia, Matthew’s mother]. "He worries about these babies that get aborted and he obsesses on it."

I’m not saying that driving an SUV into a Planned Parenthood like Matthew Derosia did is the answer. We just have to keep up the good fight for the preborn and their mothers like Pastor Luke Robinson is trying to do.

As African American pastor Pastor Luke Robinson from Frederick, Maryland (yes, Maryland; my state that has only one OTAAAC member in the federal Congress) said at this year’s March for Life,
Please Mr. President [Obama], be that agent of change that can commute the sentence of over 1400 African American children and over 3000 children from other ethnic groups sentenced to die every day in this country by abortion.

See for more on this genocide of African American children.

Save the Sheep From the Wolves? How about saving innocent preborn babies from the Culture of Death led by President Obama and the DNC (Destroys Unborn Children;!


  1. At least Matthew Derosia tried to save unborn babies from being murdered and how do we know that our LORD God didn't tell him to do what he did? He certainly told others to do much more dramatic things as recorded in the Holy Bible and we know that our LORD God is unchanging. I have a lot of respect for Matthew Derosia and I pray he is delivered from this corrupt government that protects these babykilling abortionists that murders helpless children.

  2. I do not believe I know the mind of God; God's foolishness is higher than my knowledge (1 Corr. 1:25). I can't say with 100% certainty that God told Mr. Derosia to crash or not to crash into the murder mill.

    However, look at the facts. Mr. Derosia had multiple occurrences of mental problems. He might have killed mothers still carrying children in their womb in the murder mill. He would also give other individuals who are OTAAAC a bad name over the long run (like abortion bombers have done: people on the fence really remember these people in a bad way; we can't be like the same-sex "marriage" people who intimidate people like here).

    Yes, this is a corrupt government: they are all corrupt since they're run by men. However, all people OTAAAC need to remember that we need to fight the good fight. Pray and then call, write, and go see your corrupt government's representatives to change the laws of men! The more the better.


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