17 May 2008

A Liberal Republican Conspiracy

(To get off The God Delusion for now:)

The other day, I noticed a McCain bumper sticker along with a Giuliani (“Rudy”) one. This was another proof in a conspiracy theory that I came up with when Giuliani dropped out of the race a while back.

It goes something like this: Before the campaign, McCain got some strategic advice to guarantee his nomination. There were many disjointed conservative republican candidates that would probably split the conservative republican vote. Rudy would probably gain much support from liberal republican areas of New York, etc. with a high voter base who thought he did well as New York City mayor. Then there was McCain, a conservative on paper but really a liberal like Lieberman who buddies up with Ted Kennedy.

In order to win the nomination over the best conservative, who ever that was (turned out to be Romney), the voting blocks for Rudy and McCain would have to join together. But first, they both had to do some campaigning. During the (very) early campaign season, Rudy did not do much campaigning at all, and McCain was reported to be thinking of dropping out due to major problems all around.

Then it all turned around for McCain, the conservatives were debating over religion (Baptists versus Mormons) and then Rudy dropped out. All Rudy’s support went to McCain (people with “Rudy” bumper stickers put up a McCain sticker too) and the nomination went to McCain.

What do you think? Did Rudy and John get together to sweep under one rug the liberal Republicans and those tired with Christianity as the party’s identity? Where will Christians and OTAAAC (opposed to abortion as a choice, or pro-life) voters go now? To PAAAC (pro abortion as a choice, or pro-choice) politicians Obama and Clinton.

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