08 April 2014

The Search for Spock Movie Laughs at Superior Science

***Spoilers Alert!*** Star Trek III: The Search for Spock ironically puts down progress in science and technology and lifts up simple, mortal ways.
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First, the Genesis science project goes to hell (quite literally). The USS Excelsior's new warp drive goes kaput. The USS Enterprise is blown up. The heroes are transported in the end by a flying tin-can warship. Were the writers laughing at superior science and technology?

It took an unethical scientist to use banned proto-matter. It took the removal of only a few computer chips to disable the state-of-the-art trans-warp drive of the Excelsior. It took three people to destroy the Enterprise. Reading Klingon, getting back to basics was required to leave the self-destructing Genesis Planet.

For what? To get the movie's namesake to his home-planet in able to get their quasi-witchdoctors to put him back together. How back-of-the-woods?

Why are they doing this? I think it's because no matter how much science discoveries and technology inventions are revealed, mortals still have a desire to relate to mortal matters.

What do you think?


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