15 April 2014

Hanna Movie Shows Human Commodity

***Spoilers Alert!*** The movie Hanna (2011) was quite disturbing. Hanna was quite literally made into a human killing machine.
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What was even more disturbing is that Hanna and many other in-utero children were genetically mutated to become human killers for (probably) the military. What is more, they were selected from babies that were going to be aborted in abortion-killing-chambers.

Catholic social justice starts with the belief that all humans from their conception (pre-, post-, and in-utero) have inherit worth. From this, no human can be made into a commodity for any reason.

Hanna's genetic manipulators (including her "father") knew this, but they did it anyway. It was clear in the movie that Hanna was to be terminated to keep their dealings secret.

If they knew genetic manipulation for creating human commodities was wrong, why did they do it? Did they think preborn humans were less valuable?

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