16 April 2014

Catholic Sister Confronted with Cultural Concoction Wacky Wednesday

A Catholic Sister presented the Church's teaching on same-sex attraction (SSA) at a Catholic High School and received negative feedback for touching on this controversial topic (as was described in this interview with a spokesman of the Catholic diocese where sister spoke). As part of her talk as a PhD expert, she spoke out about scientific studies regarding the genesis of same-sex attraction (the Church does not take an official position on said genesis).

This directly confronted western cultures' concoction that people with SSA are "born that way". There is research with large sampling back to Freud (see part I) that opposes this conclusion.

Catholic Sister Confronted with Cultural Concoction

A sister said matter-of-factly
That same-sex attraction is * stat'ly
Not simply a gene.
Becoming a queen
Starts other ways she said compactly.

stat'ly = statistically

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