14 March 2014

The Search for Spock and the Other Vulcan

***Spoilers Alert!*** What and who was the entity that the Genesis Planet regenerated in The Search for Spock and then was found by Saavik and David? What was taken to Mount Saleya?

Who (or what?) is the person that is in the picture below after the mind meld on Mount Saleya?
Image source:
The really interesting question is what was the entity who saved the Enterprise in the last movie (The Wrath of Khan) after Spock mind melded with McCoy, giving away his Katra?

It can make your mind spin.

My opinion is that the movies are inconsistent. I won't go into why (that would take a while and I'm tired tonight).

Let's just say that the movies do not follow the Christian idea of the soul.

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