20 March 2014

The Search for Spock and the gods of Genesis

***Spoilers Alert!*** Between Star Trek II and III, there were really three main people who wanted the Genesis device and its "secrets": Dr. David Marcus (Kirk's son), Khan, and Klingon Captain Kruge.

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The Genesis device was capable of bringing to life a dead planet or killing a live one for its "new matrix" (or creating a new planet all by itself from nebula matter some how). In either case, already existing matter had to be present to reorganize matter at the subatomic level.

Dr. David Marcus, Khan, and Captain Kruge wanted the power to create or destroy for themselves (for honor and/or "ultimate power"). It was like the battle of the Roman or Greek gods once again, except now, the mortals used science.

The battle raged between them until they were all dead.

On the other hand, God created the universe (or multiverse, etc.) out of nothing. He (not male, just subject placeholder) created all time, matter, and dimensions. The Book of Genesis describes this in a poetic manner, where the point is that God created it out of love, not domination.

For more on this see this video by Fr. Barron.

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