19 March 2014

Silencing Debate at Stanford Wacky Wednesday

The limericks and meme below was inspired by the recent article by Jennifer S. Bryson, Ph.D. entitled, "Stanford, Marriage and Abortion Controversies, and the Mission of a University".

"Wacky Wednesday", marriage, abortion
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Silencing at Stanford

At Stanford, it was an oasis
For all points of view to have places.
But marr'age for now
Is under the plow
For burying Truth from some faces.

And tolerance is just a ruse
Of many who outright refuse
To look at the facts;
It may stop their tracts.
Their views facing facts, they may lose.

© 2014 Wondering Zygote Emeritus

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In engaging in debates, there is a possibility that one's previous view(s) may change. The purpose of a debate is not necessarily to win or lose, it is to find the truth that is outside ourselves by reason and facts. The college is the ideal setting for such activity.

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