12 February 2014

Nye-Ham Debate Wacky Wednesday

So, I thought I would do something different. It is called Wacky Wednesday.

For this installment, I composed a limerick about the Nye-Ham (Bill Nye and Bill Ham) debate between scientism and creationism.

Here's the debate:

Here's the limerick:

Ham and Nye are so very suspicious.
Ham on rye: it is oh so delicious.
Is it God who they seek?
Both their posits are weak.
Without God nothing could be nutritious.

(BTW, this article can shed some light on my limerick: "Creationism Is Materialism's Creation")


  1. Hi! you brought me to enjoy huge taste of your fruity meal. I'm glad! would join you this wednesday, counting on your hand in the ride as this is my first drive test. Blessings!


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