20 February 2014

CA Splitting Up

On yesterday's Wacky Wednesday, I reported that Seal and Heidi Klum may be patching up their marriage.

Not so good news for their state of California: it may be splitting up into six states.
[Tim Draper] proposed dividing California into six states. San Diego and Orange County would make up [1] "South California." [2] "West California" would include Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, while Bakersfield, Fresno and Stockton would make up the larger [3] "Central California." San Francisco and San Jose would be in the new [4] "Silicon Valley." [5] "North California" would include the Sacramento area, and [6] "Jefferson" would be home to the Redding and Eureka areas.

Initiative to create six new states
Well, Facebook is already prepared. It just added six more gender options to its list.

I already put in brackets ("[ ]") the six regional names that were proposed in the quote above. What do you think the names or nicknames of these regions should be?

Some ideas of mine:

[1] "South California." California Caliente
[2] "West California" California Cara
[3] "Central California." California Liberal
[4] "Silicon Valley." California Próspera
[5] "North California" California Corrupta
[6] "Jefferson" California Ventosa

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