22 January 2014

Touched by an Angel Theme Song

I heard that Touched by an Angel is back on pay TV (non-antenna channel). My wife has been watching the show again on DVD from the library. It's unbelievable that there were nine seasons, more than Star Trek: The Next Generation that had seven. Della Reese sang the theme:

"I'll Walk with You." Yes, that is a lovely phrase. It surely came to mind today for the March for Life.

March for Life Pictures:

If only more men were brought up to be men. They should walk with their baby and the baby's mother. There would be many fewer abortions.

May God have mercy on us.

If you would like to pray for mothers, fathers, and preborn babies, please consider praying from this list from Priests for Life (my wife and I are praying the rosary one tonight).

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