04 January 2014

Huey Lewis and the News Stuck With You

I was walking through the grocery store to get a few things, and my favorite band Huey Lewis and the News came on the PA system. It was "Stuck With You".

There really isn't much content to this song and the guitar riff gets old pretty quickly, but there is one nugget that stuck out for me from this Golden State band's song.

The line from the song was, "All the same friends, and the same address. Yes it's true, (Yes it's true) I am happy to be stuck with you!"

On first glance, the whole idea about staying with someone romantically just because they can't get away from them is pretty pathetic. But then this line reveals something important (closer to the end of the song). Sharing relationships and things outside themselves help people in a relationship maintain their romantic love.

This is something I believe Aristotle wrote about. A transcendent third, or outside influence that brings people together is one of the ways that people stay stuck together. In this song it is friends and a residence. For others it is faith. Probably for most, it's a combination of many things.

The thing is, the better and longer lasting the glue is, the better and longer the relationship will most likely be.


  1. While I agree that having things in common is vital in a relationship I would also say that the opposite holds true as well. There need to be outside interests and experiences that are not shared to fuel the conversation and enlightenment that a couple gain from each other.

  2. You are right! Of course, it may be that both are important (similar and dissimilar things).

    My ultimate, hidden point is that a relationship between a couple and God is the greatest and most trustworthy commonality between the couple. It's also the most lasting (to eternity; the Omega).


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