06 October 2012

Help Request for My Wife

My wife is in a book club of moms that sort of resembles The View, and she's the conservative Catholic one (They are formerly or currently stay-at-home moms). It also turns out that one of the book-club moms who was Catholic, goes to a non-denominational (denomination) Christian Ecclesiastic Community, and has multiple IVF children pretty much attacked my wife at a soccer practice last week about her beliefs; she just nodded. My wife was having a hard week with multiple close relatives and friends who are not doing well (to put it mildly), she told her "friend", and the "friend" still went on the war path.

Well ...

I just found this promising book that my wife can give to her friend. It's Breaking Through: Catholic Women Speak for Themselves, edited by Helen Alvaré. My wife quite often seeks good books by down-to-earth Catholic authors, and this one seems to fit the bill.

I'm wondering if you have any others to suggest? Thanks.

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