18 June 2012

HHS Mandate Demonstration in Ellicott City

I had the privilege to eat lunch with the organizer of the HHS Mandate Demonstration in Ellicott City, Maryland, Peggy Hagen. We were joined by the lead council for a religious liberty defense firm, his two children, and another woman protester.

One thing I realized is that you don't have to be a Princeton professor to set-up a demonstration. The Ellicott City organizer is currently a waitress (this is a good job too BTW).

One day, while writing against the HHS mandate on Facebook, she decided that she should do something besides write about the mandate. So, she organized both the March and June 2012 HHS mandate rallies. She also managed to get leaders from around the local area.

According to her, during the March rally:
The ministers in the first picture [below] are Fr. Terry Sweeney of St. Timothy's Episcopal in Catonsville (speaking) and Rev. Frank Revell of Cokesbury Memorial Methodist in Abingdon, who led us in our opening prayer. Also speaking were Bishop Rozanski from the Baltimore Archdiocese; myself; and Sandra Nettina, a local nurse and pro-life organizer. This is not a Catholic issue; this is not a gender struggle. This is a fight to retain our Constitutional rights, and it belongs to all Americans. Many thanks to all of those who recognized this and came out, in Ellicott City and in 140 other cities across our nation!

   I wonder how this country would be if more people decided to get out of their arm chair and stand up for Truth.

We can't leave it up to the politicians. Change starts with reviving the culture to the Way.

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