21 March 2011

Archbishop Dolan on 60 Minutes

I watched the (Roman Catholic) Archbishop of N.Y. Dolan on 60 Minutes last night. Of course, a great deal of the interview was about the sex abuse scandals. Another focus in the interview was about the image that the Church was a stern, old fashioned relic of the puritan past. It's all about world views as AB Dolan said:
I'm in one world. You're in the other. I'm glad you're visitin'.
This last focus reminded me of an interview of AB Dolan on wordonfire2 on Youtube.

He said in 1:41 to the end above, "The Catholic Church is all about one big ringing yes! It's an affirmation of all that is beautiful and noble and uplifting and exiting and liberating in the human drama."

This is opposed to the "double no" that he talks about later in the video above. When the world puts forth a no to the dignity of the human person, the Church says no, which tries to ultimately make the world better.

May God bless AB Dolan and my AB O'Brien. Two Irish AB's leading the Church at a tumultuous time in the US.

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