11 June 2010

A Pro-Abort Facade

(1) Women Deliver: Panel Pushes 'Harm Reduction' as Effective 'Facade' for Dismantling Pro-Life Laws

(2) UN Leadership in Disarray as New Research Shatters Consensus on Maternal Health

The million dollar quote:
In a conversation following the session, a third audience member asked Csete about the objection that, because the model was being used to push abortion as a value, some may call the "value-neutral" claim a mere facade.

"Yeah, I think facade is the right word," Csete conceded. "Sometimes it's the only choice you have to get anywhere politically and protect services ... I think it's really the sort of desperate, structurally very hostile circumstances where that becomes a very useful thing to fall back on."
In other words, lie and the money will come.

I wonder what the guy on the right of the picture thinks (Vicente Diaz, Director IPPF WHR; Is he finally fed up with all he sees and hears? May God open his eyes and ears.

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