11 June 2010

Aquinasblog Dialog VII

This is part VII of the Aquinasblog Dialog that was started here.


I just found this site regarding St. Aquinas' logic on woman ordination in Summa Theologica: (I suggest doing a text search with "woman").

Summa Theologica was written in the 12 hundreds. I'd say at least about 800 years is a long time for debate.

I'd thought you'd be interested in the Angelic Doctor's thoughts since he is your blog's namesake.

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Hi [gbm3],

Here's what Aquinas says: "Accordingly, since it is not possible in the female sex to signify eminence of degree, for a woman is in the state of subjection, it follows that she cannot receive the sacrament of Order."

He ties the reason precisely to the fact that a woman is in the state of subjection. That has changed, especially in the past 50 years. That is exactly the reason the question should be debated; women are no longer seen as being in the state of subjection.

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