21 May 2010

(I) No One's Born Gay and (II) New Ways Ministry

(I) I wrote before that people think same-sex "marriage" should be permitted because gay people are born that gay or that being gay is an accidental property like skin color. Well, I've seen some recent articles (besides the one I cited in the linked post above) that go against that inkling of some.

(1) "Luiz Mott, the undisputed leader of Brazil's homosexual movement, has admitted on national television that no one is born homosexual, and that people can change their sexual orientations."
(2) Analysis: Childhood Family Structure Linked to Rate of Female Homosexuality

(II) Regarding the last posting here on WZE, I cited an advertisement of "New Ways Ministry" (NWM) that was inside a program of a "Catholic" Postulate, "The Murphy Initiative for Justice and Peace". NWM is a group for practicing gay "Catholics".

I find the title "New Ways Ministry" extremely telling of their heretical Catholic views. In Acts of the Apostles of the (Catholic) Bible, Christians were said to follow "The Way" of Jesus the Christ.
But when some in their obstinacy and disbelief disparaged the Way before the assembly, [Paul] withdrew and took his disciples with him and began to hold daily discussions in the lecture hall of Tyrannus. Acts 19:9
The ones who founded, run, and are part of NWM are like those "in their obstinacy and disbelief disparaged the Way" in their New Ways. Faithful Catholics should have nothing to do with NWM as they continue to cause division within the Church upon which Christ gave His Spirit.

May NWM (and organizations like "Catholics for Free [Abortion] Choice") be denounced by faithful Catholics whenever possible.

People who want to destroy the Church know that the presence and strength of these organizations divide Catholics so that the witness and mission of the Church is weakened.

May God have mercy on all of us.


  1. One problem is that the magisterium likes the conflation of the ordinary magisterium with the extraordinary magisterium and that is not good. It is clericalism plain and simple because it makes their job simple if people think everything is infallible eventually within the ordinary magisterium so as to be universal ordinary eventually and it is not e.g. interest on a personal loan is now accepted yet was denounced in the merely ordinary magisterium for 1400 years. Gay activity and abortion fall under inerrancy of the Bible in the first case (Romans chapter 1) and under the extraordinary magisterium (infallibility) in the case of abortion (see section 62 of Evangelium Vitae which uses a shortened form of the IC language to infallibly condemn abortion).

    Clergy though never even point out that abortion is infallibly condemned because they want obedience on everything so they avoid pointing out the distinctions that all dogmatic specialists know. This attitude is working against great numbers accepting anything from the clergy and it is partly the clergy's fault.

  2. "This attitude is working against great numbers accepting anything from the clergy and it is partly the clergy's fault."

    From my experience, people don't take anything from the clergy when they do talk on infallible/universal/intrinsically valid teachings. It's like infallible/universal/intrinsically valid teachings vis "Catholics" is just another valid opinion among many.

    The pastoral response should be to be firm on (and speak up about) infallible/universal/intrinsically valid teachings (abortion/contraception/gay "marriage"/women priestesses) and to be responsible for their local parish/(arch)diocese. (The weekly (etc) collection will eventually be the stronger for it.)

    In my opinion of course.


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