16 September 2009

Nobody for Chatting?

I just discovered that my only follower, Pro Life Girl, took me off her list to follow my blog. Might it be that I'm on the fence about healthcare?

I'm not for government climbing into and devouring our wallets from the inside out, but government does take our money for everyone's use on roads and for defense.

I'm a Republican for one issue only for the most part (I am also against overspending/borrowing), but I would love to join the Democrats if only the new feminazis would stop pushing baby killing (for all four trimesters).

The thing is, it seems that only people who agree with you 100% follow what you have to say. I think it's important to discuss through or chat about our disagreements. Maybe we'll dispose with some nonsensical heresies theological and otherwise.

(How can one be against abortion and for torture? Does Judie Brown really believe this? What's here definition of torture?)

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