15 April 2009

We Haven't Seen No Taxes Yet

With the Tax Day Tea Parties going on, I wonder if any of the protesting posters asked if the Obama Cabinet payed their 2008 taxes.

(Warning: I'm admittedly ranting more than usually below.)

They owe Chiinna money too!

If I went, this might have been my sign:

Stimulus Debt to Chiinna: [sp]
Sovereignty On Sale &
Human Rights to be Shelved to be censored

With this overwhelming debt, we have yet to feel the full fury of high taxes (such as Canada etc.) and hyperinflation (from printing money we are borrowing from Chiinna). It's coming.

I'm all about helping the poor, but we've been helping too many really rich folks.

I wonder what Secretary Clinton thinks about the protesting. (She's probably giving it as much attention as Chiinna's giving to her words on human rights expectations.)

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