27 April 2009

Same-Sex Marriage and the State Youtube Video

I'm definitely no Susan Boyle, but do I make sense below? Are the points valid?

Someone made this comment on youtube:
A state also has a vested interest in a marriage later in life...when you have no children...and single the state becomes responsible for your health and welfare. If must go into a nursing home the state must pay for it. If you die the state must pay for your funeral. The list goes on and on. It is very beneficial for gay marriage in cost of state responsibilities later in life. Marriage would make it the couples responsibility to take care of each other.


My response:
I think you missed my main point (maybe I wasn't clear). Marriage that is recognized by the state, as opposed to private marriage, is for the children who will become citizens since they should have a right to be raised by their own parents (etc) so that they can become the best future citizens that they can.

As far as a nursing home, anyone can take out a long-term care policy. No state needed there. As far as paying for the funeral, I just called a funeral home, anyone can sign a contract to pay for the funeral. No state there.

THE three big cultural issues, abortion, same-sex marriage, and euthanasia have two sides: me (us) and them. Why not set up society for our children's benefit instead of ours? (my life v. child's life; my benefits v. children's best situation; my decision v. the love my children/society have for the dying)

Am I missing something? Are they missing something? Am I not clear?

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