02 April 2009

Obama Perjured Himself

"[The rescinding of conscience rules for health care workers] is a declaration of war on all who oppose the killing of the unborn."

The main reason that I was against Obama for president was that I believed that he would not uphold the Constitution of the United States. This proposed rule change proves to me, more than any other action (even if it's just proposed), that he perjured himself when he took the oath of office (twice).

(Is Obama really an American citizen? I wasn't even sure about McCain.)
(By the way, I would vote for and have voted for this African American for President. I don't agree with everything he says, but he has been the best presidential candidate for a long time.)

How did Obama perjure himself? He's now blatantly and obviously dismissing the Constitution of the United States (First Amendment; see the USCCB's own superb analysis: they do not say that Obama perjured himself, I do.).

Doctors and Nurses still take the Hippocratic oath (some recite, "I will not give a woman a pessary to produce abortion."). Some have the audacity to believe that they are to do no harm to anyone in anyway (including referral), even to the individual preborn.

How can the (supposed) President of the United States force a doctor or nurse to go against their conscience or oath? It's like forcing a President of the United States to divulge secrets to enemies foreign and domestic (yes, I know it's in the VP oath).

May this country remember that powers are from the American people and not from a few.

May God bless this sinful America. (By the way, that includes all Americans.)

Conscience Protection

UPDATE (4/1/2009 12:09P):
I just sent the following email from here. (The middle part [] is a form letter.)

[Header will be placed here]
Dear [System will insert the recipient's name here]:

I am [Gutterball Master] of Baltimore, Maryland.

I have many friends and family members who believe in the Hippocratic oath: they are to do no harm to their patients, including their preborn and handicap patients.[Please retain the conscience regulation, and enforce current laws protecting the right of health care providers to serve patients without violating their moral and religious convictions. The right of conscience protected by existing federal laws is inviolable. Weakening protection for this right will harm the ethical integrity of our healing professions, drive caring people out of these professions, and reduce patients' access to much-needed basic health care.]Help my friends and family keep their Constitutionally prescribed and Congressional mandated conscious protections that enable them to care for their patients. If the Church clause and others rules are rescinded, they may be unduly persecuted for doing what is right for all their patients.

[The system will insert address here.]

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