25 March 2009

Open Letter to Professor Glendon

I wrote the following letter to Professor Glendon today at glendon aatt glendonbooks dooot com. She is to receive the Laetare Award from the University of Notre Dame this year along with President Obama. President Obama is to receive an honorary law doctorate. The University of Notre Dame is (was) one of the premier American Catholic Universities.

Professor Glendon:

Hello. I am [Gutterball Master] of Baltimore, Maryland.

Congratulations on your upcoming reception of the Laetare Award from the University of Notre Dame. Your service to the Church in the United States and exceptionally thoughtful and thoroughly researched books and articles makes you an excellent choice for this award.

With this honor, you have the privilege to address the student body of Notre Dame, who will be the future leaders of the world, with an inspirational word.

As a fellow Catholic who tries wholeheartedly to be faithful to the teachings of the Church, may I implore you to address the fact that the most pro-abortion American President will be speaking at the same podium as yourself? As you have written, power and great opportunities invite profound responsibility. Please breach the wall of status quo and address the President’s policies that sledgehammer away at the roots of our great republic. (I am sure that you know the policies them intimately.)

Further, if I may be so bold, may I suggest that you decline the acceptance of your award? This would send a clear message that the University is dismissing its Catholic mission by inviting and awarding President Obama for his current policies and former Illinois and United States Senate voting records and bill co-sponsorships.

Christ is my hope and life, but I pray that the Most Holy Trinity may grant you wisdom in how to address this acute scandal at Notre Dame.

In this time of Lent, I pray that you continue to have many prayers answered and that we may one day meet when our Lord calls us at the last trumpet.

May God bless you and yours,
[Gutterball Master]
Baltimore, MD

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