10 March 2009

It's All About Priorities

A couple of weeks ago, I talked to someone at Church about Amnesty International (AI). He said that he supported them in their fight for justice around the world.

During our conversation, I remembered that AI was now a pro-abortion lobby group according to (1 2 3).

So, this last Sunday, I gave a printout of the above articles (and a couple more) to him. He said that he didn't believe it (as in, "I don't believe these papers"). I said that I knew he wrote letters for AI, but I assumed he did not contribute money to them. I was wrong, he did support them monetarily. I responded, "By giving money to them, they can use your money for their pro-abortion lobby."

As you can imagine, he tried to explain his reasons for contributing to them. When you get down to it, his main point was that he does not use a "litmus test" for determining to which charities he contributes: he looks at the organization as a whole. His bottom line: if AI supports abortion, they do so many other good things that they deserve his (monetary) support.

When he was done expressing his views, I said that I look at the numbers: it comes down to priority. The total abortions carried out worldwide in one year (42 million; 210 million in five years) was more than the total number of people that were exterminated by A. Hitler in all his German concentration camps (about 21 million in 5 years; there are about 2 times more abortions in one year worldwide that were killed in WWII concentration camps over five years).

What I didn't tell him was that if an organization pushes abortion, that entity would be disqualified by me. The same goes for political candidates.

Until we (those OTAAAC) start putting our priorities in stopping abortion (monetarily and politically) instead of the economy, war, poverty, etc., we won't see this most brutal institution come crashing down.

I'm not saying that the other causes are not important, I'm suggesting that if an organization is for abortion, they should not get monetary or political support by those OTAAAC.


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