23 March 2009

"Hands" of God Thought

The question was asked in Faith Sharing this week at Church: How do you reconcile your image of God of the Old-Testament with the image of God of the New-Testament?

I immediately thought, "There is no difference; It's the same God."

After some others talked about their ideas, I came up with one I never thought of before.

I talked about how the universe is expanding due to the change of entropy. (I asked, "Into what is the universe expanding?" Someone said the universe was infinite; I don't know about that.)

Anyway, I imagined God as holding the universe in His personified hands while it expands. God is able to care for the universe like the song says, "He's got the whole world (universe) in His hands." At the same time (out of time but in time since God "is". Note to Dawkiners: No, God is not created, He just is), He is able to guide, punish, or even crush part of the universe with His fingers. This is one way how I "reconcile" the two views.

What do you think? (Really)

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