24 February 2009

Silence Debate at College

When pro-lifers and pro-abortionist come together on the street, we've all heard or heard about the "Keep your rosaries of my ovaries!" being shouted.

The most recent protest like this that I saw on the web was of the "'Empty Manger' Christmas Caroling Day" (see image to the left). People like her shouted in the faces of the peaceful carolers.

You'd expect this coming from a street protest (or even this: "Abortion Supporters Pelt Pro-Lifers with Stones in France").

What's not expected is that this is happening on college campuses. See the video and picture examples below. If anywhere, the ideas of people against "womb-lynching" (or any other topic) should be heard and seen on college campuses.

(1) Pro-Life Speaker Shouted Down by Mob Last Week Speaks at Another Catholic University Tonight

(2) CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Wisconsin U Student Senator Vandalizing Pro-Life Display of Crosses: A UWSP student has a conflict with a University approved demonstration.
(Youtube embed is not available)

(3) Lesbian Break-in and Riot During College Speech on "Born-Gay Hoax" Forces Cancellation (picture to the left):
Example of homosexual movement forcing "their social and sexual agenda on others," say observers

(4) Calgary Pro-Life Club Stripped of Club Status after Pro-Life Students Charged with "Trespassing"

When the Truth (and God who is Truth; John 18:37) is on your side, those opposed to the truth either need to drown out the message of the truth sayers or keep perfectly quiet.
'Such frustration is fueled by NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood, whose leaders discourage their campus affiliates from debating or even talking to pro-life students. NARAL’s ‘Campus Kit for Pro-Choice Organizers,’ for example, gives this categorical instruction: ‘Don’t waste time talking to anti-choice people.’”'


'As a movement that wants to preserve the status quo, it simply has nothing to gain from engaging its opponents, especially on college campuses where the pro-choice view is a default progressive position for many students. But the pro-choice movement does have something to lose if bested in public debate. Moreover, pro-choice advocates know very well that even the minds of activists in their ranks can be changed. Prominent examples include abortion providers and the cofounder of NARAL Pro-Choice America, not to mention many less prominent rank-and-file activists.'

-Richard John Neuhaus quoting The Democratic Virtues of the Christian Right, by Jon Shields, a political scientist at Claremont McKenna College in The Pro-Life Movement as the Politics of the 1960s

(OTAAAC college article)

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