11 February 2009

President Obama's Economy Stimulant

Yes, I'm being flip.

I'm all gitty about the almost imminent passage of the (790Billion$US+) economic stimulus package. Yes, it came down in price (from about 838Billion$US), but to what end?

President Obama ran on "Change" rhetoric. President Obama is pushing for an "Economic Stimulus Bill". What do they have in common? The biggest Beg to Question headache of the century.

We'll see if they're the biggest downer in US history.

(I actually pray that they won't be since none of my US congresspeople would vote against either; they're the biggest baddest liberal group of any state.)

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  1. I was wandering through the list of bloggers who have some of the same interests I have. Lots of your posts have zing that I like. Putting in some of your Catholic elements makes this blog attractive for me and my friends. Thank you. Scarpacci.


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