10 February 2009

Catholics Are Against Slavery

I was thinking about the fact that Jews were legally permitted to own slaves but that the Catholic Church since at least the seventh century taught that slavery was to be abolished.

The Jews were allowed to own non-Jewish slaves. (How can this be after they were enslaved by the Egyptians? It's probably a "hardness of hearts" law like those of divorce.) (Catholic) Christians are not to own slaves of any race or creed.

This got me to wondering: Is it true that Christians cannot own slaves because all of humanity is now grouped together as one family in Love (God is Love)? One nation is not chosen above another?

What do you think?

I've been arguing with a liberal person at "Contextual Criticism" (liberal Christian) blog here. The issue of slavery and the Old Testament vis-a-vis Abortion (in connection with the Mexico City Policy/Obama) and Afro. Amer. enslavement came up. (Any comments on our exchange in the comments there?)

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