14 January 2009

Obama: the New Lincoln from Illinois

Yes, President-Elect Obama was a US and state senator from Illinois from where President Lincoln originated. He plans to take a train trip from Philadelphia to DC via Baltimore like Lincoln did (it's part of the trip Lincoln took). He will use the same Bible for his inauguration that Lincoln did.

My OTAAAC questions are these:

Will he make an executive order that will define a pre-born baby as a human person?

Will he make a New Emancipation Proclamation to be enshrined as an Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America that will free all unborn humans from the clutches of death?

Will the phrase "that all men are created equal" be again expanded to include pre-born humans as it was for women and persons of all races?

I pray to God for a miracle.

As it is said here in Baltimore: Believe!

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