15 January 2009

Governor Kaine Pro-Life?

Today, I got an email from DFLA (Democrats for Life). I can't reproduce the email, but from their website:
Please read this article about President elect Obama appointing pro-life Democrat and DFLA member Governor Kaine as the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

I responded with the following email:
Governor Tim Kaine is not pro-life. See the lifesitenews[.com] link: . Please remove the "Pro-life" label from his name. He is pro-abortion as a choice (PAAAC; .html )


Obama recently selected as the next DNC chairman Democratic Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, a Catholic who rejected the death penalty by invoking the Catholic belief that "life is sacred," yet who supports Roe v. Wade for protecting the "personal liberty" to choose abortion.

He's a card carrying member of DFLA? I guess keep your enemies closer...

At least Judas didn't betray Jesus until after/during the Last Supper.

(Again it all comes down to this question, when are all men created equal with the right to life? I say with the Church (and even some Atheists): at conception!)

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