15 January 2009

Against Pornography

(Warning: the content below may not be suitable for those under 13, but I think it's OK for them too.)

I just had someone search for "against pornography" on this blog. I have not written on this topic much if at all. But it's a strange coincidence that I just finished listening to a talk by Christopher West on the Theology of the Body here ("Theology of the Body: A Bold, Biblical Response to the Sexual Revolution").

Other deep and meaningful articles by C. West are linked below.
"'Pornographic Interference'"
"Hugh Hefner’s Longing for Love"
"Authentic Art vs. Pornography"
"Why Do Men Look at Porn? Oprah Viewers Want to Know"

My basic understanding is that by indulging in pornography, we continue to debase what sex is truly meant to be. This keeps us from seeing the other (person) as truly who they are: a beautiful creature created by God. Until we reverse this thinking, we will never be truly satisfied by what we were created to truly (not falsely puritanically/demonically) desire. We were meant to reflect God's Love, "God’s love is a love that yearns for intimacy with the 'other' and rejoices in that other’s beauty."

It is not wrong to long for intimacy. We must instead orient our longing towards what will ultimately satisfy. On Earth, the longing is for the opposite sex in marriage to fully give our life to the other or for a foretaste of union with God (in real celibacy). Ultimately and Divinely, it's for God. Sex is meant to be a direction marker towards Peace and fulfillment in God that is bodily imprinted in our very selves.

Pornography rapes the mind and the soul through the body!

This is a partial explanation of why I'm against pornography and why I think all people should read and listen to the Theology of the Body.

It will change your life forever!

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